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Africell set to launch in Angola mid-2021

Telecoms operator Africell is set to launch in Angola mid-2021. The telco received its operational license in 2019 by the Angolan government. The company is said to have set aside $300 billion to fund its entry into Angola.

Angola seeks to have the operator contribute to the development of the country through the creation of over 6,000 jobs in the net three to five years. The operator would in return also allow Angolans to use their smartphones and devices more widely for educational, commercial and medical purposes.

Leonel Augusto, chairman of the Angolan Institute of Communication (INACOM) said, “Africell is following the procedures required to exercise its right to operate, including completing negotiations and establishing final terms. Adding, the majority of the stages were now completed and the authority is in the process of polishing details of the operational contract”

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Africell’s entry into Angola brings the numbers of its markets to five while it joins two other operators Movicel and Unitel in the country that it will compete with directly. The network is currently available in four African countries, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Sierra Leone, Gambia and Uganda.

This would be an easier penetration for the telco, considering Angola has only two other oparators in teh market. One of Africell’s strategy is intyroducing acost benefiot ratio to break through the market.

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With the two existing dominant operators, customers suffer as they do not receive better options in terms of price and bringing competition on board would be a better deal.

Val Lukhanyu
Val Lukhanyu
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