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No gym? No problem: Bluetooth smart watches the right substitutes to keep you going!

by Intizar Ali
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The lockdown had all of us quitting our gyms involuntarily. But quitting on maintaining a healthy life will prove to be a voluntary choice. 

In the midst of a global pandemic, keeping mentally and physically fit would top the list for the ‘essentials’ of 2020. 

Not having a gym does not necessarily have to mean that you can’t maintain a fit body or even build some muscle! With so much time on our hands, since WFH saves us all the travel time, we can actually pay undivided attention to our health and stress levels. 

Scroll down to read about your gym substitutes! 

1. Weight substitutes: 

If you’re a weight training person, your dumbbells would be your most essential gym tool. But hey, not everyone has a set of dumbbells just casually lying around at home right? 

Even if you do, there’s only so much weight you can purchase.

Closed gyms do not imply that the weight training stops. Major dumbbells replacements include water bottles, bags full of books (varied according to the weight you can pick) and even towels at times. Take two bottles of equal quantities and fill them up with water, and you have your DIY dumbbells ready! 

And for those who wanna start with weight training, amigo, your body weight suffices!  

So grab your bottles and get started. Also a subtle reminder to stay hydrated while you activate your beast mode. 

And to track all this, you have your forever buddy-the Noise ColorFit PRO 2. With 10 sports mode, you can track any sports and everything you physically do now counts as a workout! 

Health tracker and personalised coach – all in one. 

2. Parks: 

Why do we include parks in this article? Because trust me on this, there are so many things at a normal park which can substitute to your gym equipments. 

Let us begin with the monkey bars. The monkey bars can be great for warm ups, stretching and even pull ups! They aren’t just a swing anymore now are they? 

Take the tracks, the tracks are as basic as it gets. Use it to walk, jog or even run. Use it as a pre workout warm up. And with the Noise ColorFit NAV you now also have GPS tracking which helps you get real time accurate readings and updates on your workouts! 

Not only this, but the NoiseFit evolve helps you track everything from indoor walking and running to outdoor walking, running and cycling.  

Moving on to listing substitutes at the park, let us take the example of a bench. One can use the bench to do tricep dips- they are the perfect height, or even inclined push ups!

And when you do that last set with extra reps, use the same bench to sit and relax too.

Might come as a surprise, but even the trees in the park can be used as equipment. The hard surface of the tree trunks can be used for push ups, wall sits and the like. Even the poles of basketball hoops (in case your park has one) are great for rested wall sit ups! 

In case you are a yoga person, sitting on a mat in the grass with a breezy environment also adds up to attaining your mental peace. And if not, relax for your post workout cool off in the grass as well! Use the breathe mode on your Noise ColorFit PRO 2 and NoiseFit NAV- the bluetooth smartwatch gives workout assistance and helps you unwind too! Def, an all rounder. 

See? So much to do in the park. Moreover, you get the much required recreation and break from the home bound environment too. 

Although, the Covid scare still is ‘in the air’ so make sure you hit the park with lesser people around and always wear a mask! 

And talking about ‘pandemic hygiene’, we set up hand sanitizer reminders in your Noise ColorFit NAV as well; after all, precaution is better than cure. 

3. Homebound: 

There can be a variety of reasons why going to the park might not be an option for a lot of people reading this article. 

Not to worry because this pointer is for you. 

Even if the park seems like a ‘not so possible’ a thing to do, there’s so much you can do at home itself. The point is not to build up your body, or lose weight, but to keep fit- and that can be done anywhere. 

Consider the stairs at your place. They are a great workout option. Run up and down the stairs a few times and voila you’re done with your cardio warm up. 

Step up and down two stairs at a time to get those legs working. 

Moreover, grab a mat and you’ve got yourself a place to perform push ups, inclined push ups can be done against the wall. 

You can do basic exercises such as squats and lunges with your basic bodyweight. 

And if you do feel like upping your workout just a tad bit, order a pair of resistance bands or mini bands online.
Youtube is full of band workouts which require just mini bands but help you build actual muscle! 

So say hello to toned arms, glutes, thighs and calves! 

See? Being healthy is a choice. Choose it today.

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