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Riders to feel pinch as Uber hikes fares in Nigeria

by Charity Mbaka
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Uber Nigeria has hiked fares for its UberX offering starting October 6, 2020.

UberX is a popular choice for riders owing largely to its affordability.

The minimum fare has been hikes by N100 (US$ 0.30) up to N500, the base fare is up N20 (US$ 0.05) from 200 to 220. Uber has also raised cost per kilometer from 60 – 65 Naira.

The ride-hailing firm explained that it has raised fares in order to ensure its driver-partners were earning more, and create a more reliable service for the riders.

It said in a statement shared to riders via e-mail, “While we have always tried to keep prices as low as possible, we need to be aware of the increased costs for driver-partners.

“This comes after implementing an in-depth earnings review to ensure that the Uber app continues to be a reliable economic opportunity for driver-partners, as well as an affordable option for riders.

“We believe that these fares remain competitive, and we’re committed to offering high-quality service to driver-partners in Lagos.”

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