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Video Of Uhuru Dancing Without A Mask Is Officially Fake News

by Vanessa Waithera
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There’s a video that has been going round of Uhuru dancing without a mask and it has been classified as fake.

Kenyans have a habit of making the wrong things famous and this time some people went too far in spreading fake news. Facebook and Twitter users shared a video of Uhuru dancing around a crowd without a mask and of course people were quick to share it. Currently most Kenyans feel as if Uhuru has betrayed their trust since he has been hosting rallies even after discouraging people from being in big groups during this pandemic.

Kenyans mad at Mutahi Kagwe.

Health CS Mutahi Kagwe has been accused by several twitter users for blaming the youth for spreading covid yet people feel as if politicians are dancing with the virus. However, in as much as people did have valid points and concerns in regards to the safety of Kenyans during these rallies, people did share a video of Uhuru from three years ago and claimed that he was dancing in a crowd without a mask. It is important to use facts when throwing jabs by ensuring that before you share any news it has been verified by a credible news site.

Numbers on the rise.

Just today, Kenya had over 1,000 cases which leaves many in fear that corona is not even nearly done but we might be in the second wave. Since the president relaxed the strict measures that had been placed the numbers have been going up at a very alarming rate. The endless crowding of bars and political rallies are one of the biggest reasons why beating covid has become an almost impossible task, yet we’re still meant to go back to normal even if our healthcare system is not prepared.

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