LinkedIn Now Rolls Out Stories Feature To Users Worldwide


LinkedIn now rolls out stories feature to users worldwide.

LinkedIn is the place where every employer and employee has interacted with and with the intent of getting a job or hiring someone. It has connected millions of people to jobs and people have built their careers on LinkedIn by creating engaging profiles where people will want to interact with them and allows people to wow people with their profiles.

You can now post stories.

Stories on LinkedIn are basically the same like Instagram and Facebook, you get to post short clips of what’s going on around you, add text and even add mentions. Just like on Instagram you can respond to the stories you see online via a direct message and make quick casual conversations easier on the platform.

The company said in a blog post:

‘’We wanted to give you an easy way to share what’s happening in your professional life. As Stories are shared for 24 hours, we see this as a great option for you to use to express professional moments with your LinkedIn network without worrying that the content is permanently attached to your profile”.

This will be an interesting way for employers to monitor your content and even see what you’re up to. Keeping your professional life interesting may be a challenge but just like Instagram is meant for showcasing fancy lifestyles, LinkedIn will be used for careers and interesting parts of your daily life at work. It will also be an interesting way to connect with other people in the same career.