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4 Tips: How To Generate Leads With Instagram?

If you had access to the internet this November, chances are you heard that Instagram now hides the number of likes from users, right? And many have been left with doubts about how this change can impact the actions on the network. After all, if likes were one of the metrics to know which publication drew the most attention from your audience, how will your company know which post is most likely to generate leads?

Today, we will explain this story to you and, more than that, teach you how to generate leads like a professional! At the end of this article, you will be prepared to implement 4 powerful tips to generate more leads for the sales team. So, read on!

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The end of likes on Instagram: what’s the impact on your business?

First of all, let’s talk about the announcement that shook the digital market: the end of Instagram likes announced on July 17th. The tests started in Canada in mid-May and have now arrived in Brazil, taking many people by surprise. In fact, likes still exist, but only the profile owner has access to the numbers. You know how many likes your post had, but no follower of yours has access to that number.

The reason, according to Mark Zuckerberg’s network, is that “we don’t want people to feel like they’re in a competition within Instagram,” according to a statement released. Decreasing the atmosphere of competition, makes people focus more on content!

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We know that there are several studies that link the use of Instagram to feelings of anxiety, low self-esteem and depression , but we also know that this must not have been the only reason for a change that impacts so many people, after all, the “likes industry ”Moves a lot of money.

Likes, as we said above, for companies, mean vanity. In fact, for influencers, this was an important metric, but for those who want to sell with the tool, little will change. Like does not sell; like does not engage; like does not generate revenue – neither for you nor for Instagram. Still, you can buy Instagram views to get Instagram likes.

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When hiding the number of likes from followers, the pages now need to generate engagement, they need comments and bookmarks to stay active in the feed since the likes directly affected the reach of the publications. In this way, the platform encourages the use of sponsored posts and stories and, of course, monetizes.

4 tips for generating leads with Instagram

Now that you understand that hiding likes are actually a little push to strengthen relationships with your followers, we’ll show you how to make him take a step further and stop being a visitor to become a lead.

1. Insert a link (or several) in the bio

“The link is in the bio”. How many times have you read these five words? We bet many! And, as cliché as it may seem, this strategy works. Since Instagram doesn’t allow links in captions, this is a way to direct your followers to a specific landing page or page.

Golden tip: to avoid having to keep updating the link for each action or page that you want to receive visits, the Linktree tool allows you to place several links in one! By clicking on this link contained in the bio, a page is opened where all the links will appear.

2. Pay attention to Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories has already won a post just for him here on the blog. In it, there is a possibility for you to create a story and link to a landing page. Do you know those stories that have the message “drag up”? We are talking about them.

Advertising in stories is also a great idea if you have the marketing budget to invest in the strategy. They are inserted between stories and, therefore, have a high view rate.

3. Invest in sponsored ads

This must also have passed through your feed: posts that contain a CTA ( call to action ) encouraging the user to “know more”. In the post, there is a link that leads to a form, where you ask for the data that interests you most.

The Instagram ad platform is integrated with that of Facebook and allows you to segment the audience that will be precisely targeted.

4. Give a command

Do you know the call to action we talked about right now? They can be great allies when it comes to generating leads with Instagram. They are just what the literal translation tells us: calls to action. “Download”, “Check”, “Access”, and other verbs in the imperative are for you to direct the user to take action (CTAs are also quite common in landing pages). If you want the user to take any action, ask them for it.

Even after these tips, it is always good to reinforce: Instagram is a social network with visual appeal. So, there is no point in filling your followers with commands, links and opportunities via stories if the visual is not attractive, right? It is a great tool for generating leads, but it is always good to keep in mind the particularities of the network.

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