How To Select A Laptop? A Brief Guide On Operating Systems (OS)

how to select a laptop

Portable computers give portable access to your email, the Internet or anything else that you would use a computer for. Laptops come in many different sizes and features, so you have to focus on what’s important to you. 

Learn how to select a ryzen laptop or notebook computer. 

  1.  Decide on the notebook size you need. You are looking for a laptop that fits your needs well, so if you are traveling frequently or will be transporting your laptop to different locations frequently, you want to get a laptop that is lightweight and not one that is great and bulky.
  2.  Consider what type of computer programs that will be used on your laptop or laptop. This will help you determine what type of operating system would be best for you. Options include getting the Windows operating system on your laptop or getting a Mac notebook.
  3. Think about how you plan to use the laptop. If you are running simpler applications, like surfing the Internet and creating Word documents, you don’t need a computer with more processing power. Such lower processing power computers are often referred to as netbooks.
  4. Think about how you will connect to the Internet. If you will be using an Ethernet cable to connect to a home network, you will want a notebook with a wired Ethernet port. If you are thinking of connecting to the Internet from various places besides home or work, such as cafes or libraries, choose a computer that is Wi-Fi compatible. You can read Laptop Reviews to find out more.
  5. Consider battery life. If you are going to be moving around frequently and need to use your computer in places where you cannot turn it on, get a laptop with a longer battery life.
  6. Review the security features. Some notebooks come with additional security features that require an extra password to access the operating system.
  7. Get a notebook with more RAM and a faster processor if you are going to be multitasking and using multiple computer programs at the same time.

Choose a good operating system

After establishing the activities in which the notebook will be used, market research should be carried out, with the purpose of acquiring a system that will perform that function of the employee more efficiently and that provides the least necessary investment.

So, get to know some systems that can help in the development of your business!


Even though it is one of the most well-known systems in the world, you don’t necessarily have to choose Windows. However, it is the favourite of many investors, since it has a reduced price and low maintenance cost in relation to others.

In Brazil, it is used in large quantities by corporate offices. Windows 10, the latest version, embraces new tools and applications that ensure better organization of activities.

Mac OS

This system features flexible configurations, design and power when using heavy software. So it is a good option for engineers, video editors and designers.

Compared to Windows 10, the OS X system is considered superior due to its more versatile and lightweight applications. Another advantage of Mac OS is that it interacts with other devices from the same company: iPhone, IPad and iPod. Its only disadvantage is the higher price, which is why many organizations prefer the Windows operating system to OS X.

Linux Ubuntu 16.04

Several notebooks are purchased with this system, as it is easy to handle and has a good graphical interface. In addition, it is considered the fastest in applications and responds best to requested commands.

Another advantage of Linux Ubuntu 16.04 is that it is free, which is a great advantage for companies that have a  tighter budget. The only disadvantage of this system is that it is not compatible with more extensive software, such as AutoCAD. So, for an architecture firm, for example, Linux Ubuntu becomes an unviable option.

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