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How to encourage employees to wear a mask at work

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The coronavirus outbreak has brought a lot of changes into our lives. We’ve had to get accustomed to a lot of things in a relatively short time and it hasn’t been easy for anyone to adapt to the new normal. Mask wearing is one of the changes we all had to embrace in order to stay safe. Healthcare professionals advised the population to wear masks as a method to reduce the risk of catching or transmitting the novel coronavirus. However, for different reasons, not everyone was on board with this protective measure.  

For employers it can prove difficult to convince their employees to wear a mask at work, but there are always methods to address mask-related issues and make employees more cooperative in this respect. Here’s what you can do to encourage workers to wear a mask.

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Have a mask policy in place 

The first and most obvious step you should take as an employer is to create a solid mask policy for your company. Without written rules, wearing a mask is nothing more than a recommendation that people might or might not follow. Having a mask policy with clear and straightforward rules will increase the chances of making employees embrace mask wearing. 

Provide masks for the entire staff 

If you really want to make things easier for you and your staff, the simplest way to do it is to provide masks for the entire staff. That way no one can come up with excuses for not wearing one. When masks are readily available on company premises, employees will get in the habit of wearing them with ease. If you choose quality products such as organic cotton face masks, employees will be even more likely to wear them. And if you want to be a bit extra, you can even print the company logo on the masks you order. 

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Communicate with your employees

It’s really important to communicate with your staff on health and safety matters. Make sure everyone knows about the policy you have put in place, listen to your workers’ concerns and encourage open dialogue. People react much better when things are not forced upon them. Teach them about the importance of wearing a mask during a pandemic and make them aware of the risks they expose themselves to if they don’t use one. Try to explain that the benefits of wearing a mask far outweigh the disadvantages. 

Practice what you preach 

Everyone has to follow the rules, including you. There shouldn’t be any distinctions when it comes to mask wearing rules, so all team members should respect the regulations you have created, regardless of their status or position in the company hierarchy. What’s more, if you want people to start wearing masks willingly, you should lead by example. If people see you wearing a mask every day to work, they will feel compelled to do the same. 

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Milcah Lukhanyu
Milcah Lukhanyu
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