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Kenya Power Has Stopped Providing Breakdown Of Electricity Bills

Kenya power has stopped providing breakdown of electricity bills.

If you used to carefully analyze your electricity bills you will no longer be able to. I am honestly surprised because I never went through the electricity bill but before this new rule you could be able to see monthly variables like fuel and foreign exchange adjustment expenses. The sudden change will mean that customers will no longer be able to see if what they’ve paid fits the number of units they use.

Why the breakdown happened.

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Customers have been complaining that the number of tokens they’ve been paying for are a lot less than before. KPLC has apparently been incurring higher costs from a rise in in fuel surcharge and forex adjustment costs due to this they will now be sending the amount as one payment instead of the breakdown.

Kenya power accused of not using cheaper options.

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Vanessa Waithera
Vanessa Waithera
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