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Why Should You Consider Carrying a Backup Gun Now?

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As an officer, you are on your toes 24/7, and you never know what to expect. Sometimes, a tricky situation can arise with no warning and you will find yourself in trouble. It is crucial to keep your gun on hand, it is even better if you have a backup. The backup gun not only provides you protection but also a sense of confidence. It is essential to make smart choices for a backup gun. You surely want to keep a few factors in mind when making a backup gun choice. Read about a guide on handgun safety. If you want to wear body armor or a vest for added protection, you can experience the FRAS™ Next-Gen Protection Difference for Yourself at Safe Life Defense.

Position of The Backup Gun 

Before you order a backup gun, it is crucial to decide where you are going to carry it. Typically, an officer can carry a backup gun on their torso, ankle, or their waistline area. You must consider a few critical factors leading to your backup carry position. Some officers dislike wearing a vest, as they have encountered none dangerous situations yet. It is best to carry your backup gun on your ankle when wearing boots. Some of us have big ankles, which make an ankle holster unnecessary to wear. 

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The Need to Carry a Backup Gun 

Some officers are lucky, as they have never been in a dangerous scenario. They do not even consider wearing a vest because of the very same reason. Do you ever wonder why the bad guy uses a backup gun way better than the police officers? Well, they have a unique approach to the cops. The use of a proactive approach works best for them. An officer uses a reactive approach, they only shoot back when they get shot. Hence, it is imperative to own a backup gun and know your way around it. 

 Type of Backup Gun Suitable  

It is smart to choose a backup gun that will provide a smooth transition between your duty and backup gun. An officer needs to select a small and sleek gun, but it does not mean the gun should be under power. Fnx magazine 45 has a full-load capacity and works for compact guns. There are a lot of options to explore, such as R55 and Sid Sauer P938. 

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Ways to Get Used to a Backup Gun 

The simplest way to get comfortable with a backup gun is to practice on the field. Practice presenting and analyzing your target with a shotgun. 

As a frontline officer, it is crucial to care for your safety. If you are considering getting a backup, order it immediately. 

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