5 Reasons Why It’s Better To Work With Microinfluencers Than High-End Influencers


There are many reasons why it’s better to work with microinfluencers than high-end influencers.

Microinfluencers are a great way to connect with a highly niche audience. These social media leaders have smaller, but very highly-engaged followings. When you identify the right ones, you can hire them to promote your business or product — often for much less than it could cost to hire a celebrity or a high-end influencer.

1.They have a high ROI
Microinfluencers offer marketing solutions at a low-cost with a high return on investment. They also increase the reach of a business exponentially and are highly trusted by their followers. Engaging with several microinfluencers increases the width of the reach but also its depth.

2.They have genuine content
Microinfluencers have genuine content because they always have a niche which is most likely something they are passionate about. This means that by the time they agree to work with your brand they are more likely going to get a lot of of leads and a lot of loyal interested parties.

3.Their followers are loyal
Micro-influencers have built-in followers already interested in businesses, products, and/or services like yours. Their followers also hang on every word and recommendation made with cult-like loyalty. This makes micro-influencers in your industry or niche ROI positive. To get them onboard, spark up a bit of conversation via social media and let them know how much you enjoy their content.

4.They are well connected to their audience
Partnering with microinfluencers often yields more impactful results than macroinfluencers or celebrities because of their smaller, more engaged audiences. Nowadays, people are looking for personal one-to-one recommendations, and microinfluencers help establish that authentic connection with their audience.

5.Sharing of in-depth content
Microinfluencers have highly-targeted audiences and are a great fit for sharing in-depth content, account based campaign material or material aimed at a specific target. Begin developing relationships with microinfluencers early on in the process, but don’t expect them to share your content “just because.” Like broader influencers, microinfluencers look something in return for helping your business.