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4 Things New YoWhatsapp Has That Your Official WhatsApp Does Not Have

by Vanessa Waithera
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YoWhatsapp is a new app that has extra features than the official Whatsapp has.

The YoWhatsapp developers added features that they thought should be in the official WhatsApp and in case you’re not up to speed, the app itself is quite popular but not everyone is aware of it yet. The reasons below are some of the reasons why WhatsApp is actually quite popular.

1.The messaging system
On YoWhatsApp you can set an automated response for your contacts. The responses work like an email, the same way you leave an automated response when you go on leave is the same way you get a response on YoWhatsApp.

2.Group admins actually run the group

Group admins will be allowed to hide blue ticks and your group name can be longer than 25 characters so your names can include everything you’d want.

3.It has a do not disturb feature

This for me was my favourite feature from this app, the fact that you can put your WhatsApp away and active the do not disturb feature on top of it you can disable the internet only for the WhatsApp app which won’t let anyone disturb you. You can choose to unlock your WhatsApp via fingerprint, pattern or pin.

4.You can switch on airplane mode for WhatsApp only

The app has been setup in a way that you can be on WhatsApp and no one will know that you’re actually on which is exciting because it puts you off from certain questions like “you were online and you didn’t respond?”

YoWhatsapp was made by a developer named was Yousef. **Fun fact, this is where the ‘Yo’ comes from.

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