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Best Language Learning Softwares For 2021

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It is necessary to use the achievements of scientific and technological progress to master all the innovations. This fully applies to foreign language learning. It doesn’t take a lot of money or time to improve your foreign language skills, you just need a smartphone and a desire to learn. There are a lot of different language learning apps – after all, demand creates supply. Therefore, it may be a bit difficult to choose the app which you will like the most without any advice.

There are few things you should pay attention to while choosing the app. The product should be understandable and easy to use. Who loves to pass through hundreds of tutorials until the start of the process? Next thing is its value. You will probably find a lot of apps that require money for the subscription plans. But ideally you need to find the app with some free content or trial period to see if you really like the app. And the last, but almost the most important thing, is the effectiveness of the app. Here everything is simple. If it doesn’t help you improve your skills, it’s totally useless.

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1. Encore:

This app is built on immersing its users in target language while doing everyday stuff. It has a huge library with the properly selected collections of words, sentences, useful phrases, etc. You have to pay only once for one selected language. After that you can even use it offline.

2. Duolingo:

One of the most popular services for learning foreign languages “from scratch”. You will be offered a choice of six languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese. The program of each course is built in the form of an achievement tree. To move to a new level, you need to score a certain number of points that can be obtained for the correct answers. You can also compare your achievements with the achievements of other users and share successes on social networks.

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3. Memrise:

An indispensable assistant for those who need to improve their vocabulary. The content of the application includes more than 200 languages, ready-made lists of words and phrases. Memrise is scientific and uses the spaced repetition method. The app will remind you of itself at the right time, so as not to let the learned disappear from memory. To make it easier to memorize words, voice acting, videos and memes are used.

4. Busuu:

Another program for learning languages in game form. It is a convenient application in the form of a game: a lot of pictures and tests. Suitable for those for whom learning foreign languages is a hobby. This app allows you to learn 12 foreign languages – one after other or simultaneously. In addition to the common ones, there are specific ones, for example, Japanese, Arabic, and Chinese. The program allows users to interact with native speakers from around the world.

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5. Rosetta Stone:

To intuitively memorize words and grammar, you have to go through exercises that combine text, image, and sound. The further the student progresses, the more difficult the assignments will become. If you have a microphone, the program will compare your pronunciation with the correct one and give you a score. By the way, grades are saved and displayed throughout all practical sessions.

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