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A Guide to Find the Top Web Design Company for Your e-Commerce Website

by Intizar Ali
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You’ve currently launched your business and are looking to create a website that will rake in more customers and, thereby, revenue. The problem is that you lack the technical expertise to build a webpage that will do justice to your company. Well, the good news is that you are not alone.

The top e-commerce companies invest in proficient designers like UPQODE Web Design Company to keep their sites user-friendly. If you want to join their ranks, find a team that is experienced and reliable. In this post, get some tips that can help you find the right web designer.

Consider the Budget

If you’re looking for a web designer, you are probably unaware of how much you need to invest. The first thing to remember is that there is no established price range or market standard for a web designer. Each site varies in its content and layout, and you need to zero in on what exactly you want in your website. Then you can set a tentative budget based on your needs.

Designer Type

There are three main types of designers in the market:

  • Freelancers are usually the cheapest option. They are cost-friendly and flexible. But they also run the risk of being unregulated and poor with communication.
  • Design Agencies are made up of teams of designers. This combined expertise makes them more expensive than freelancers but ensures better service and rapid turnaround times.
  • Full-service design agencies will design your website and provide services like SEO and digital marketing. They are the best option if you intend to go beyond just web design as they can significantly improve aspects of your website in terms of traffic.

Depending on your requirements, you should pick the type that best suits your needs at the budget you have set for yourself.

Look at the Portfolio

As is the case with any business, the first thing you should do when considering a web design agency is to check their portfolio. This will give you insight into the agency, and you can see if they have any experience in your field of business. Reviewing their previously designed websites will give you a good idea of the agency’s proficiency and style. Also, it helps you understand if their style fits your vision.

Client Reviews 

If you’re unsure about any business, you will check out their reviews. Client testimonials, both good and bad, will give you a better idea of the agency’s workings. If you come across an agency with no client reviews, it’s probably not worth your time as they have no online presence. Reviews on third-party forums are mostly unbiased, so you might want to check those out first. Read more for the best web design ideas.

Ask for Pricing

Since you already have a budget in mind, you can now compare the pricing of the different agencies you are considering. Keep in mind that most agencies do not display their pricing on their website. This is done as an attempt to get you to reach out to them directly. Individual companies include a cost calculator on their website, which allows you to check the pricing of the components you want on your site.

Determine the Workflow

If you’re unfamiliar with the industry, it’s best to get all your doubts cleared with the designer you’re considering. Some companies will try to leverage your lack of knowledge. These agencies will often be ambiguous about their processes and objectives. Agencies that discuss a detailed work plan and explain every step are the ones you should consider for your business.


If you ask a web designer for a list of references, but they don’t provide one, don’t waste any more time. The right agency will provide references without being asked, and if you’re lucky, it will provide references that relate to your industry. Checking out these references will give you a good idea about the agency’s professionalism, work speed, work quality, and customer service.


E-commerce almost always hinges on good web design. It has been shown that over 40% of visitors to a page do not return if they find the layout or content to be unattractive. It is crucial to invest in website design to generate more leads to your site.

For an impactful website design, you need a designer with a fair amount of experience in the field with references to back them up. Many agencies out there like UPQODE Web Design Company have the necessary human resources and expertise to get the job done, and these are the agencies you should seriously consider for long-term returns from your investment.

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