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How to Register For a Pharmacy Licence.

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The Pharmacy and Poisons Board is the Drug Regulatory Authority established pursuant to the Pharmacy and Poisons Act, Chapter 244 of the Laws of Kenya. The method is carried out by conducting a professional examination of individuals with either a degree or diploma certificates from institutions recognized by the Board of Pharmacy and Poisons.

There are two types of tests with each group, which include;

  • Stages I and II for pharmacists
  • Levels I and II for pharmaceutical technologists

Examinations on stage I:

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It is conducted to individuals with a degree from universities outside Kenya.

Stage II Review:

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This is conducted to persons from the University of Nairobi after completing just a year internship under the supervision of PPB and Stage I after finishing a one-year internship.

Examination of Level I:

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This is conducted to individuals with a diploma obtained in colleges outside Kenya and approved by the Pharmacy and Poisons Board other than Kenya Medical Training College.

Examination of Level II:

This is administered to persons for KMTC and those who have completed the seven-month attachment.

The process of easy procedure for log in and PPB exam are application are described below:

  • Begin by navigating to the PPB login page and give your credential to set up your account.
  • On a PPB portal, press the Exams tab to access the Exam Application page. Choose “First Time” option or “Re-sit”
  • Download all of the required documents to all the upload tabs and save them to proceed.

Upon receipt of promptly completed application forms and documents, the same can be assessed and the applicant will be informed in writing whether or not the application was successful. Unless the interview is able to succeed, an inspection of the proposed business premises will be carried out by a pharmaceutical inspector to assess the suitability for the intended business. The inspection report shall be submitted in the form prescribed of inspection.

Registered pharmacists and registered pharmacists are legally required to hold an annual practice license when working.

The request is acquired from PPB using the prescribed form and is issued by the Training and Evaluation Department.

This is the procedure:

Browse the License Status page

Pick the “Cadre/Type” and then enter your “Registration Number” to browse and track the status of your license.

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