How to Apply KRA Tax Compliance Certificate Online


A tax-compliant certificate is issued issued by the Kenya Revenue Authority indicating the status of your tax payment. In brief, it shows whether or not you are a citizen paying tax. In actuality, it indicates whether you file tax returns, even if they are nil returns.

It’s indeed crucial to understand that this document is valid for one year. You should apply for another one before 7 days after it has expired.

How to apply for Certificate of Tax Compliance

  • Log in to the iTax KRA portal using your KRA pin and password.
  • Apply to the Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC)

Tap on the certificate tab, then click on the “Apply for Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC)” button in the drop-down menu.

  • Please fill in the reasons why you want to apply for a tax compliance certificate. Most common reason to apply for a tax compliance certificate is when you are looking for a new job and one of the requirements is to have a tax compliance certificate. Once you’ve finished clicking the submit button.
  • Download the Certificate of Approved Tax Compliance.

Once you have received a message that the application for a tax compliance certificate has been submitted successfully. Download and print the Certificate of Tax Compliance Receipt. It might take a week to get your TCC.

  • If the TCC application is approved, you will receive an email confirmation at your registered email. The Tax Compliance Certificate will be attached to the same email address. Download and print Certificate of Tax Compliance.