How to Check your NHIF Balance Online


NHIF insurance coverage is a better form of insurance that allows members to contribute the principal amount on a monthly basis. This allows members to place at least 500 shillings each in deposits for informal contributors.

For such a long period of time, in order to check the status of your NHIF contribution, you would have to attend one of the offices and join the queue just to get served.

Thanks to Technology, it’s simpler for you all to confirm your NHIF contribution status over your mobile phone. Follow these steps to get the status of your NHIF account on your mobile phone:

  • Open your phone message application and compose a new SMS message.
  • Type the letters “ID,” space, and then your National ID number (or passport number, if applicable) for example ID 12345678
  • When the message is completed, send it to the short code number 21101.
  • The SMS charge service is Ksh 10 above the standard rate.