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How to Apply Online Single Business Permit.

Most business owners need to have at least one federal, state or local license or license to operate. Permits and licenses vary by industry, local requirements and location, so it is very important to recognize the laws for your business. Permits are required for the smooth operation of any business in Nairobi and other Kenyan cities. It is a legal requirement, and failure to comply will result in an unwanted interruption of business operations.

There are many types of licenses that one should have to comply fully with both national and county regulations.

The licenses are:

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1. Trading license

2. Advertising signage license

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3. Health certificate

4. Fire clearance license

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5. Food hygiene certificate

Requirements for the online renewal of a business license:

  • Money on your mobile/online banking bank
  • Your contact details
  • Some extra service charge money
  • Your business ID that you can get from your past business license
  • Period: 10 minutes to go.

How to apply for an online business permit

Go to the e-citizen portal and register your account to make your company name search and reservation easier.

Pay the Ksh fee. 150 for the company name search and reservation service.

Obtain name approval through the portal.

After entering your details, you will log in, and you will be directed to the homepage.

Focus on a single business permit on the website. Here you’re going to click on renew.

After you click the Renew button, you will be directed to the status check page. On this page, you will be able to check the status of your company and the total cost that will be required to renew a single business license.

Pay the registration fee for the company name as directed.

Obtain certification of registration through the Self-Service Portal.

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Yvone Kendi
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