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How Increased Trend of Tanning Generates Demand of Tanning Software?

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We have heard about tanning studios multiple times. Due to increased trends, it is impossible to manage it without Tanning software. Before going for a discussion about features of software, let’s first discuss about why clients are interested in tanning?

Which Benefits of Tanning Are the Cause of Increase in Clients?

· Reduce the Risk of Skin Cancer:

Tanning under the sun is harmful to the skin. Indeed, we intake vitamin D from sunlight but if we position our face in front of the sun it will damage our skin. UV light of the sun can cause skin cancer because it stimulates abnormal growth of cells. Indoor tanning except for skin cancer also reduces the risk of kidney, ovary, and breast cancer.

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For indoor tanning, experts use advanced machinery which takes a very short span of time to get the desired result. A short span of UV rays is the factor which reduces the risk of skin cancer.

· Source of Vitamin D:

We can intake the necessary amount of vitamin D by spending merely 15 minutes under sunlight. What about those people who live in cold regions or near the poles of the earth? They don’t have a facility of sunlight which normally other countries have.

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Tanning studios are the hope for those people. Their treatment triggers the body to produce vitamin D to cover its deficiency.

· Remove Disbalance Of Hormone:

You might have seen people with oily skin. This is due to the hormonal disbalance. Tanning remove this disbalance because oil on your skin blocks your skin pores.

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· Produce Oil:

Those people who live in cold areas have dry skin. UV rays also play an important role in oil production on the face. It revives skin freshness and softness.

Tanning studio alone demands a lot of administrative work due to which it becomes difficult to focus on an entire salon. To cope with this issue software industries, develop Tanning Software. This software automates all administrative tasks of the tanning software. Managing a tanning studio was never easy before this software.

Important Features of a Tanning Software:

Provide an Online Scheduling Option:

Clients are now able to book their appointments with the help of colored calendars. These calendars show available and booked dates in the form of different colors. This is a remedy against finding available dates on the outdated system. Sometimes due to an error staff give the same date and time to two different clients. This software alleviates a chance of human error.

Easy to Upgrade:

This software is easy to download on the computer. It offers upgrade after specific time. It can also be used in mobile phones as app with latest upgrades.

Manage Staff:

This software has a feature of recording attendance and evaluating employee performance. It is easy to assign duties to staff members regarding the data of client bookings.

Online Payment Facility:

Clients always enjoy using this facility. They just have to enter a number of cards and confirm payment. It also reduces the tension of cash management of tanning studios.

Online Marketing:

This software automates customized marketing. According to a record of client’s birthdays and wedding anniversaries software send promotions to them automatically. This also generates emails regarding offers on special occasions.

Record of Inventory:

This software has a feature of keeping a record of inventory and it also send reminders to keep inventory updated.


It shows reports on revenue, employee performance, clients visit and frequent usage of service. Analysis of reports helps in the growth of a business. Those who have good analytical skills are more likely to achieve success in the business world.

Features of this software ensures you the safety and effective management of all administrative tasks. Efficient management of studio also ensures you loyalty of staff and clients.


Benefits of tanning revealed why the trend of tanning has increased so much in the 20th century. Tanning studios are now using software to manage their studios effectively like Wellyx. Tanning is an alternative of natural sunlight especially for people of western countries. They usually have cold weather. Due to which the largest market of tanning is in western countries and tanning software is a key to cater it effectively.

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