Tech solutions and Innovations that came up as a result of the Pandemic


2020 in as much as it was a challenging year in all aspects, it will go down as a year tons of innovations erupted across the globe. The covid-19 pandemic has accelerated innovations for individual companies, startups and entrepreneurs and researchers to come up with tech solutions and innovations that have shaped the country’s general growth as we prepare for the future.

While most innovations were fixed towards finding solutions to help locals alter the effects of the pandemic or find solutions to curb the spread of the virus, tech solutions for the first time took the lead role in fighting the pandemic. Community business platforms, E-shopping platforms, health service providers, food deliveries among others. Small companies quickly emerged online to provide services to Kenyans as they stay at home to minimize the spread of the virus.

For instance, in the month of July, the Judiciary launched an e-filing platform and integrated ODPP’s Management and tracking system for courts in Nairobi. The system the first of its kind in kenyan courts covers case registration, payments, case search, calenmder and services. a system that would provide lawyers and non-lawyers to initiate and the process of filing cases online.

Working from home has been in existence way before the pandemic but the introduction of curfews and the social distancing measures in the country made most compnaies introduxce the work

Another major innovation was in healthcare innovation of the mechanical ventilators to support patients with with breathing difficulties at a time when ventilators were hardly available for patients.

A team of 16 university student teamed to invent Tiba Vent, a mechanical ventilator that would help patients. A number of health organizations also came up with online health care services to help patients who are in need and not able to visit health care facilities.

We also had local companies manufacture PPEs and facemasks locally that were previously imported. Thanks to COVID-19, KICOTEK Textiles is now a 24-hour production that delivers over 30,000 pieces of face masks a day.

Health organizations and volunteers such as Redcross innovated campaigns on mental health awareness and counselling services to help survivors and victims of virus overcome the tension and fear.

Beyond that, another set of youths innovated a foot pedal sanitization equipment to minimize contact while exercising sanitation. the equipment allows you to just step on the foot pedal to dispense soap and water instead of having everyone use their hands to touch the pedal, an innovation that would aid in curbing the spread of the virus.

Local startups have also been at the forefront of digital service delivery. they introduced online goods delivery including food to customers across the city including initiating countywide projects to support locals. Event companies also took a step forward as they pivoted their services to virtual events after a series of cancellations due to safety measures put in place.

While the pandemic has been hazardous to the economy in a way, it has helped us identify gaps and come up with innovative solutions to foster development through innovations.