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Nigeria’s Gradely launches a virtual learning management system to simplify online education.

by Weddy Thuranira
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Gradely provides an Artificial intelligence (AI)-based personalized learning platform that provides regular feedback to parents and schools thus enabling them intervene in real time to plug students learning gaps.

The startup,  which has raised US$150,000 in pre-seed funding from angels and venture capital firms such as Ventures Platform and Microtraction ,  has recently launched its LMS known as “Gradely for schools.’’

Launched in 2019 by Boye Oshinaga, Femi Ibiwoye ,Seyi Adelaju and Babatunde Caleb ,Gradely is a teacher led LMS,created for personalized learning with characters such as live classes to organize and hold engaging class experiences, assessment tools to set up robust and  relevant assessment formats fitted with the Nigerian and British curriculum-aligned question pool, a proctored examination system to hold credible remote academic evaluations and a suite of personalized video lessons, practice quizzes and games library known as Gradely Catch Up  to support in-class efforts with students at home..

The personalization works by having tons of assessment content mapped by topic and difficulty. Following performance on adaptive tests, learners are provided with recommendations on a daily basis to catch up on their weak areas. This leads to measurable improvement in student’s performance and a learning path that is outstanding to each child.

It is possible for learners to use Gradely as a standalone learning supplement or in conjunction with school so that homework and class material can be viewed directly on the app as well. The Gradely app is school integrated thus enabling parents access reports of their children’s performance which is the source of truth of the child’s learning progress.

To date, Gradely has been used by more than 5000 Nigerian parents and 200 schools as part of its beta testing and the startup is now aiming for a wider rollout. Gradely not only focuses on learners adopting technology but also leveraging to enabling learners improve their performance.

Gradely charges schools an annual per student fee for LMS access and an additional fee for content access. Parents are as well charged with a monthly subscription for content access as well as fees per live tutor session.

Gradely plans on expanding region by region across Africa and possibly globally so that all learners in Africa can gain access to a content-driven personalized learning platform.

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