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WhatsApp Users Who Reject New Terms Will Be Unable To Send Or Receive Messages

by Vanessa Waithera
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WhatsApp users who reject new terms will be unable to send or receive messages.

Before I go on I just want to remind you that you can move to telegram or signal especially if you value your privacy. Basically WhatsApp has given their users a timeline, that if you fail to accept their terms and conditions by the 15th of May your account will be deactivated and listed as inactive. Your calls and notifications will be functional will only be active for a few weeks.

What’s the feedback from users?

There has been a lot of confusion about the new terms and conditions. From our point of view we understood that WhatsApp will now have a lot more data from you but WhatsApp argued that the update is aimed at enabling payments to be made to business. Nothing is quite clear hence why a lot of people feel uncomfortable with the new changes.

A huge surge of users on Telegram and Signal.

No one wants to stay on an app where they feel as if their data has the potential to breached. WhatsApp already shares some information with Facebook, such as the user’s IP address (a sequence of numbers attached to every device which connects to the internet, it can also be used to pin down its location) and purchases made via the platform.

But this is not the case in Europe and the UK, where different privacy laws exist. In African countries where privacy laws are not enforced it is really up to you to either shift to other message apps that is if you’re not comfortable with Facebook and WhatsApp knowing more about you than a physical stalker.

So are you moving or are you staying?

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