Google Has Announced New Features That Will Be On New And Old Android Devices Soon


Google has announced new features that will be on new and old android devices soon.

Personally I love my androids, iPhone users have their egos up their sleeves but I really don’t get why. If you’re an android fan then hold your breathe and let it out after reading this article because your phone is about to get a lot more interesting.

The minor improvements will will include improvements in Google Maps to Google Assistant, Android Auto and even Google,s screen reader app, TalkBack and new new privacy-oriented Password Checkup.

These are part of the regular minor OS updates – similar to Apple’s iOS “point releases.”

1.You can check if your password has been leaked

Normally you can save your passwords to your phone so that when you need to login it automatically fills it in. But now that Google presumably stores your login credentials, the company announced it would integrate Password Checkup into devices running Android 9 and above that tells a user if their password has been leaked on the internet.

2.SMS scheduling feature

You can now schedule to send messages at a specific time and date. In case you didn’t know the feature always existed but now that it has officially been announced we bet that you’d be able to work around it.

3.Google Assistant

If you’ve had issues with the hand-free experience then you’re in for a better ride. Google says the new update makes it easier to get things done on your phone without needing to be right next to it. It also adds new cards that can be read easily when your phone is locked as long as Lock Screen Personal Results in the Assistant settings is turned on. With Lock Screen Personal Results, you can send texts or make calls hands-free while your device’s screen is locked.

4.Google maps

You get to go into dark mode if you wish. The new Theme section under the app’s settings includes a new “Always in Dark Theme” option for switching to the dark side. There’s also an “Always in Light Theme” option if you wish to switch back.

5.Android audio

Are you a fan of games? Well then you can kick boredom away with custom wallpapers and voice-activated games like trivia and “Jeopardy!.” “Hey Google, play a game” will get you started with the voice-activated games while driving.

Additionally, Google has added new shortcuts on the launch screen for easier access to contacts. The new shortcuts also provide a way to use Google Assistant to do different things like checking the weather.

And if you have a car with a bigger infotainment display, the new Android Auto supports a split-screen view with Google Maps on one side and media controls on the other.