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Twitter Is Working on a New Anti-Troll Feature

by Shera
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Twitter is working on a new anti-troll feature, which it’s calling ‘Safety Mode’. 

Twitter Safety Mode

The new process would alert users when their tweets are getting negative attention. Tap through on that notification and you’ll be taken to the ‘Safety Mode’ control panel, where you can choose to activate ‘auto-block and mute’, which will then, as it sounds, automatically stop any accounts that are sending abusive or rude replies from engaging with you for one week.

But you won’t have to activate the auto-block function. Users will also be able to review the accounts and tweets Twitter’s system has identified as being potentially harmful. You would then be able to review and block as you see fit. So if your on-platform connections have a habit of mocking your comments, and Twitter’s system incorrectly tags them as abuse, you won’t have to block them, unless you choose to keep Safety Mode active.

It could be a good option, though a lot depends on how good Twitter’s automated detection process is. 


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