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Beginners Guide To SEO, Keyword Optimization, and Blogging

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What is SEO? Why is it a thing? What is so unique about it? SEO is a confusing matter to talk about when you have no clue about what it does. How can you do it? Can everybody use it? A lot of questions about SEO, there are so many internet marketing companies in Houston who provide services like SEO, but what is it? Here are some answers to your SEO questions according to Johnny Chen search optimization expert.

What is SEO?

Short for Search Engine Optimization, In a nutshell, helps you get traffic from a blog post on the Internet to your website using keywords that the people search. Have you ever asked the Internet which place is best to eat out at? Like “Doughnuts in Houston.” and sure enough, something pops up? Search engine optimization’s goal is to get you on the first page or even the first post. 

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It will give you free traffic without spending that much. In the market, the Internet is already a deciding factor in your business’s success. In starting businesses, having an online presence will affect your business considerably.

Why is SEO a Thing?

SEO is a natural way to increase your sales. Never has been any marketing scheme been a secured investment, instead of paying for marketing projects like sales and the likes to get people to buy from your stores. SEO approaches this by giving you a long-lasting advertisement. Being able to hit the 1st post on the first page will warrant huge returns.

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What is so Amazing With SEO?

Think about it; this is a marketing strategy that is open 24/7 all year long. It does not call in sick and is never technically late for work! It pulls sales and takes thousands of possible prospects to your door. Using SEO means you are using a perfect employee that runs for less. SEO demands attention from the readers to your store. It is something a hundred physical employees cannot do. For more information about the benefits of SEO, talk to people from Johnny Chen search optimization team.

How Can I Do It?

Now that you are convinced about the powers of how you can use SEO let us do a small tutorial!

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Most of the time, the readers search simple keywords like “Best burgers in Houston.”” adding those words or keywords on your blog posts will give you a chance to be picked by the search engine and presented to the reader. Adding the keywords multiple times on your blogs will increase your chances.


Utilizing your headline to make it more compelling and adding the keywords will encourage the reader to give your site a chance. It is a fantastic tool to help you gain more prospects. The more accurate the title is to the content, the better.


This plays a role as well if the reader was not contented, was uncomfortable, or was misleading, then you can kiss the top spot goodbye. Gunning for the top spot also warrants fantastic content. Create one that is worth first place. 

Understanding Blogging

According to CLLAX internet resources, blogging is the new advertising; this is how media influencers and consumers regard the world wide web. Technology has become a vital part of everyone’s life that almost everyone reports anything to the world through an online medium.

A classic example is today’s consumers. A recent study explains that about 60% of online and even traditional buyers regard blog reviews as helpful in their purchasing decision. These individuals research first products and services online and tend to incorporate reviews and surveys into their shopping. Most of them trust online reviews just as how they believe their best friends. They, too, take their experiences straight to the Internet by showing approval or disgust to a particular product or service. It is no secret then that word-of-mouth marketing is an effective way to bring a product to consumers.

However, if consumers cannot search that product review online, there is a low possibility for the blog post to be noticed. Unless, of course, the blogger is a well-known media influencer. This leads to the question, how can one increase his blog post’s chances to make it more search engine friendly?

What are keywords?

One way to help a blog post land on the top page of search engines is to use keywords. Keywords are phrases in web content that individuals type in search engines. A search engine is a web-based tool facilitating users to find information on the Internet. Typical examples are Bing, Google, and Yahoo!.

It is said that about 95% of users only look into the first page of search engine results. Hence, it is imperative for one to learn what keywords to use and how he will strategically place them for search engine optimization (SEO).

Where to place keywords?

The keywords of choice must create relevance and influence to the article. One effective way to use keywords is to utilize them throughout the blog post. Equally worthy of considering, too, is the number of keywords to apply in the content. Though there is no ideal keyword weight rate to make one rank in search engines, there are strategic places to locate the primary phrases.

  • Title tag

The title tag shows up as the title in search engine results and must have a maximum of 60 characters. For an exceptional possibility to rank high, the keywords must appear at the beginning of each title tag.

  • URL

The URL is the address of a resource on the Internet. It bears the blog’s name and a brief two to three words that explain what one will expect from the post. For higher chances to place on the top page of search engines, use the category, sub-category, and product keywords in the URL. An example of a proper URL is “” The URL gives a complete impression that the blog post discusses SEO marketing companies in Houston.

  • Meta description

The meta description isn’t strictly used as a ranking determinant. It, however, provides a quick short description of the blog post. It has a maximum of 160 characters, with the keywords appearing in bold letters. It also shows up as the second item in any search result entries. An example of a meta description is “A quick glimpse of how a team of accomplished SEO marketing experts in New York steadily enhance its client’s online exposure through search engine marketing methods.”

  • Body content

The content is the best place to optimize the use of keywords. Aside from proper positioning of keywords, the copy must be of the highest quality. The spelling and grammar must be impeccable. There is no excuse for a carelessly written article.

The content must offer a unique copy, too. One must aim for evergreen articles that remain relevant as they rank higher and longer in search engine results.

  • Internal links

Having a blog niche leads one to build a distinct audience who can relate and engage with the blogger; this also makes his blog posts somehow correlated, extending a way to spread link juices around his site. He must find pages on his website that rank high for a particular keyword and put an internal link to it.

Keywords optimize blog posts for SEO

Optimize the use of keywords by putting them in the right places; this will prompt the search engines to tag the blogger’s site as relevant and reliable to provide value to the searchers.

How can I learn about the SEO and blogging? 

You need to understand the technical details for SEO and blogging; otherwise, you might get stuck in different confusions. It is a bit tough, but when planned properly anyone can learn the best tricks for SEO and blogging. Check out SEO services from Digital Cornerstone.

  • If you are planning for a commercial set up o e-store, contact the stuartkerrs for professional assistance. 
  • Study as many books as you can. 
  • Study about the niche you are working. 
  • Keep yourself updated about the search engine’s policy.


SEO is for all businesses, and of course, everybody can do it. Everybody can use it if you are an aspiring business owner, a blogger dreaming of hordes of followers, a restaurant that serves weird things. Or just a simple person is looking for a job. SEO will be a fantastic tool for you and your future. Check out the best SEO courses in 2021.

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