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Hayvest is here for the farmers, laborers, and consumers

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Hayvest is a groundbreaking platform which aims on excellence when delivering services to both the farmers, laborers and consumers. Hayvest makes it easier for farmers, consumers and service providers to connect using technology without the need of having to meet physically. Hayvest provides different packages which entails of

  1. Farmer packages.

In the farmer package farmers are classified into: Free farmer, Bronze farmer, Silver farmer, Gold farmer, Platinum farmer.

For a beginner one is recommended to use the free farmer because the transaction cost is free, you can vend 2 products, bid for 1 tender, there is also a free trial period and lastly you can hire laborers.

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  • Bronze farmer is an opportunity for small scale farmers and traders who are offered an opportunity to vend to a limit of 3 products, bid for 3 tenders at most, a monthly subscription of KS 99 and also one can hire farm laborers.
  • Silver farmer is a plan recommendable for standard farmers and traders. They can market 5 products, bid for a maximum of 7 tenders and a fee of KS 199 for subscription once a month and like all others one can hire laborers.
  • Gold farmer is a platform for large scale farmers and traders. They get a chance to vend 10 products, bid to a maximum of 10 tenders and once a month they are supposed to pay a subscription of KS 299 as well hire laborers.
  • Platinum farmer is one who is a commercial farmer in big business. Selling 15 products is allowed, bidding up to 15 tenders, monthly subscription of Ksh 499 and an opportunity to hire laborers.
  • Buyer packages.

Just like the farmer package the buyer packages entails of a free buyer, Bronze buyer, Silver buyer, Gold buyer and Platinum buyer as well.

  • A free buyer gets a chance to purchase all goods, bid a tender for a month, It’s a free trial period so one does not have to pay monthly subscriptions and the purchase of goods is nationwide.
  • A bronze buyer package is recommendable for a small-scale buyer who is to pay a fee of Ksh 99 and also they get a chance to purchase all goods, bid for a maximum of 3 tenders a month, and purchase the goods nationwide.
  • Silver buyers are those that are medium-scale purchasers and can purchase all goods provided, bid to a maximum of 5 tenders in a month, and Purchase the goods nationwide. Once a month the buyer is entitled to a subscription of Ksh 199.
  • A gold buyer is one that is a medium-scale farmer and is submitted to a subscription of Ksh 499, Purchase all products, bid to a limit of 10 tenders a month in county-wide scope and purchase of goods is nationwide and in COMESA Region as well.
  • A platinum buyer is for commercial farmers in big business who are provided with a platform to vend 15 goods, bid to a limit of 20 tenders a month which entails placing tenders nationwide and a fee of Ksh 999 once a month for subscription purposes.

Once you agree to their terms and conditions you can freely access their services. Hayvest is there to solve all problems farmers encounter as well as laborers and consumers.

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Weddy Thuranira
Weddy Thuranira
Weddy profiles new startups and innovators across Africa and announces funding rounds, mergers, acquisitions and startup partnerships across Africa. She is based in Nairobi, Kenya. Reach her and the entire news desk at [email protected]

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