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Onesha is easier and reliable when branding services are needed.

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Onesha enables you to outsource your design work whereby they offer full branding services from graphic design, social media, and animation thus making it easier for businesses to brand their jobs better despite the hustle of getting so busy to acquire a design. Onesha offers their services for:

  • Branding which they do merchandise branding, stationery branding, branding of clothes, wall branding, guides on styles of branding, calendar design, notebook, and diaries design as well as car wraps
  • Profiles for companies entail creating a new design, new content and structure, and content research only.
  • A graphic design which they create brochures, design of a menu, a logo design, posters, flyers, design for packaging, reports, and presentations as well as design for banners. Business cards design, illustrations, design for magazines, cards for an invitation, design for a cv, and infographics design are also catered for in Onesha.
  • For videos and animation Onesha creates a forum for an animation of a logo, videos meant for an explanation of a certain concept, motion graphics, and Intros and Outros as well.
  • Onesha offers services for others such as arts and crafts, acting and directing, interior design, creative sciences, fashion designs, Scriptwriting, culinary and baking, plans for a business, Strategies for marketing, Market research, landscape design, architecture, and floor pans celebrity impersonators, planning of an event model and costumes, drawings and portraits, Photography and editing, beauty and makeup, musicians and artists and voice over artists.
  • For social media, they offer strategies for social media, social media graphics, management of a page, marketing of an email, Social media marketing, marketing of influencers, social and campaigns as wells as video and banner ads

Onesha works with qualified personnel so as to deliver quality work. Their process entails the following procedure:

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· Requesting for a service –Once you have requested Onesha services they immediately come forward to help you out by providing different job templates whereby they go on to contact you through phone or email to confirm the request.

·Short-term Processing-After confirming your request Onesha goes on to sort out your request into a job brief and then later on they forward it to the creatives for a quotation. Once you check on all quotations and get contented you can go ahead to agree to it and make a down payment.

· Implementation of your job starts after the agreement and you are given an opportunity as well to add any requirements that you might want. Onesha sends you samples that you are requested to agree with and in case one is not content there is a chance to ask for revisions which can be up to three times.

· Once you look at all samples given, make a revision, and get content with it you can go ahead to make a decision on the sample that you want. You are to complete the payment later on. Onesha waits on the client to choose their preferred transportation means.

Upon satisfaction with Onesha services, you can go ahead to rate their services which they highly appreciate when you do so. Onesha is accessible to everyone and aims to make work easier for everyone.

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Weddy Thuranira
Weddy Thuranira
Weddy profiles new startups and innovators across Africa and announces funding rounds, mergers, acquisitions and startup partnerships across Africa. She is based in Nairobi, Kenya. Reach her and the entire news desk at [email protected]

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