Kenyan Women In The Tech Industry Were Recently Honored By America’s Vogue Magazine


Kenyan women in the tech industry were recently honored by America’s vogue magazine.

The number of women who are in the tech industry are not as many as the men who are. At the same time there are a number of women who have made a number of contributions to the tech industry but get no recognition for it, which is why when vogue gave recognition to our women we were pleased.

This is what Vogue wrote:

“A group of Kenyan women is working to increase the visibility and influence of women in tech by providing the mentorship and skills that young women need to not only succeed in one of the most competitive tech markets in the developing world but have their contributions recognized as well,”

Lets look at some of the women who were given recognition.

As a way of inspiring women Linda Kamau who is co-founder of Akirachix developed a coding school in 2010 which has then been changing the landscape of the technology field and creating a community of women who are changing the tech space.

Linda told Vogue:

“When you give women a fair chance, they thrive. Women who have gone through our program only needed someone to show them a path, and then they took it and ran with it.”

Fatima Mohamed Abdulkadir, who graduated from Akirachix, told Vogue that the tech industry used to be a male-dominated field.

“It used to be such a boys club, but now we are able to run women-only hackathons and have people participate. We gave the women confidence to do the other hackathons open to everyone.”

An award-winning computer science researcher and educator known as Ory Okolloh Mwangi and Chao Mbogho were also honored by Vogue, Mbogho founded KamiLimu, which is a non-profit organization whose mission is to bridge the skills gap between classroom learning and global competitiveness through structured mentorship in personal and professional development, innovation skills, and scholarship expertise.