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Transportation services in Kenya made more convenient by Hudhud the multiservice vehicle app.

Hudhud was started in 2018 with an aim of better transportation services. It is an online platform that is focused on making transportation an easier and convenient method. Hudhud focuses on providing job opportunities for many as well as providing a platform whereby the customers can place pricing as well. The providers are not left behind as well as they are assured of improved productivity. A creation of engineers came along and reflected on the accessibility of transportation methods in the country as well as how secure it was. They came up with a single app whereby clients can access all their vehicle needs in one platform saving them the hustle of searching from different platforms. Through this, the clients can now reserve a Taxi, motorbike, ambulance, pickup, cooking gas delivery, and towing or which in simple terms are the breakdown cars.

You are assured of a safe ride as the providers of Hudhud have been examined and given a permit. They also have never been involved in an accident since what matters is the client’s safety. Hudhud is convenient as it gives you a chance to track the location of your ride thus saving time which you could have wasted waiting for a driver who is at a far distance. You don’t have to get worked up thinking of the cost of your ride as your ride will be charged depending with the distance covered.

Hudhud has enabled transportation modes and pricing to be negotiable. There is always a certainty always that the clients and the service providers are linked directly. Hudhud provides their clients with an opportunity to:

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  • Schedule a ride which you want at the moment or it can as well be a future scheduled ride.
  • There are also discounts offered whereby one can benefit from them by using the promo codes they provide in the app.
  • Opportunities to give feedback before and after a ride whereby you can comment on who your most preferred driver is. However, it is a choice for the client to evaluate the car partners who have transported them.
  • Schedule a ride for someone whereby what is needed is their number so that the person can also get a chance to live track of the whereabouts of the driver as well as communicate with the driver to avoid inconveniences caused by lack of proper communication.

Hudhud provides an opportunity whereby:

  • You can order multiple cars, taxis, ambulance, towing on the same app as well at ease.
  • Know the whereabouts of your ride and make payments using your mobile phone.
  • There will be no change of amount to pay at any time
  • The total amount asked for will automatically reflect once you check your mobile phone
  • Contact with the driver before arrival to pick you up is also guaranteed

The terms and conditions provided by Hudhud are that the rapport between the partner and passenger is not interfered with as Hudhud serves only as an intermediary so that both the partner and passenger can link up. Hudhud cannot be held responsible for any acts or discussions. If the partner agrees to the terms, then they allow that any risk experienced is up to them. Hudhud is efficient but as man is to error there is no assurance that the system will be available without any interruption and they are not liable to any damages caused to users. However, Hudhud ensures that the errors are minimal as possible. Hudhud is there to enable you to experience good transportation to your preferred destination. Hudhud is situated in Lang̓ata road Nairobi and you can contact them through Tel: +254791583608 or i[email protected].

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Weddy Thuranira
Weddy Thuranira
Weddy profiles new startups and innovators across Africa and announces funding rounds, mergers, acquisitions and startup partnerships across Africa. She is based in Nairobi, Kenya. Reach her and the entire news desk at [email protected]

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