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An Instagram video downloader for iPhone: handy apps and web based platforms

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Today, Instagram has gone even further: in addition to the content on various topics in the form of usual feed videos and photos, there is also a Live video, IGTV, and new Reels option. It is also worth mentioning the Stories feature, which is considered more popular than photo posting. With so many possibilities for self-expression and communication, there is one problem – the speed at which content changes and the incomplete absorption of all information is too fast. At times like this, the only thing that comes to mind is losing the desired content among the rest. There’s an excellent solution of game kharido – save it. 

Here’s another challenge: how do you save a video to a device so that you can view it offline and without using Instagram? Unfortunately, Instagram does not have such a feature as downloading its content to a device. You may only keep it on Insta itself, and to use it, you still need internet access and, of course, the Instagram app.

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But there is a way out, and I’ll show you how you can get your favorite content quickly and, most importantly, safely. Before I get to the main point, let me remind you why it’s needed to store content out of Instagram (if you haven’t thought about it yet).

Why do you need to store content?

  1. Anytime motivation and inspiration

Now you don’t have to surf the internet. It’s great to have a trusted place on a device with stored media content that you can open under any circumstances. 

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2. Around-the-clock Availability

If you’re an avid Insta fan and want a break from it, here’s a great option: save the video you like and forget about the social network for the time, because now you may switch to the gallery and find everything you desire.

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3. It’s easy

I agree that it seems like a bad idea at first, as there is a fear of damaging data or the device with third-party apps. But this is not the case if you are aware of the secure platforms for the video uploading. What’s more, safe apps exist too, which I’ll talk about here

4. It’s lawful

Viewing, sharing, and downloading Insta content is not a copyright infringement. But using someone else’s content for your commercial purposes is already a right breaking. Just be aware of copyright law, and you won’t have any problems.

The ways of downloading any Insta video content to iPhone

To download any Insta video content to iPhone, you may try one of the following methods:

Let’s review all possible options.

Downloading videos via web services

  1. Imglnn

The user-friendly platform works online and may upload videos from the user’s posts feed, Stories or IGTV.

How to use:

  • start the tool page with the browser on the phone;
  • insert in the input line the username or Insta video link (pick out 3 dots at the top right of the desired video in Insta and then Copy link);
  • select the content and hit on Download;
  • pick out the down arrow at the screen top right to explore the video.
  1. Bigbangram Insta video saver

The tool is simple to use as you don’t need to sign in or install it. Just open the Bigbangram Insta video downloader and upload any IG media content free and at any time. It’s suitable for uploading videos to any device.

How to use:

  • copy the video link in IG tapping on 3 dots at the video top then Copy link;
  • switch to the tool page via the browser;
  • insert the URL in the saver input line and hit on Download;
  • wait for a few seconds for the downloading process to be complete and go to the gallery to enjoy the content.
  1. Insta private photo & video downloader by

The tool allows you to get private content. It’s web-based and works online without registration. By the way, with, you may get any Insta video or photo, not only a private one.

How to use:

  • log in to the Insta acc via Safari;
  • copy the content link (the same 3 dots at the right top);
  • insert the URL in the tool input line;
  • hit on green Download;
  • hold the content on a new window to “Share” or “Add to photos”.

Downloading videos via apps

  1. InsTake

The tool is easy to use. It may also repost Insta posts, Stories, and IGTV.

How to use:

  • install the tool from App Store;
  • switch to the Insta acc and pick out the necessary video (or do these steps on InsTake itself).
  • insert the link in the tool input line and hit on the red arrow at the bottom;
  • switch to downloaded video and click More options to select “Share”, then “Save”.
  1. Blaze: Browser & File Manager

The tool is paid but is still a good option for getting content. 

How to use:

  • pick out the necessary video in Insta and copy its URL;
  • insert it into the app and hit on Download;
  • pick out “Export to camera roll” and browse the content offline.

Reels downloading

It is a new Instagram feature that many users around the world are already enjoying. These are brief videos that can be saved directly to your profile. Now you may keep it in your phone gallery too.

Instadp: download Instagram reels

The handy tool is available with an internet connection. 

How to use:

  • switch to the Insta acc and copy the reel link;
  • then visit the tool web page via Safari and insert the link in the input line;
  • hit on Download;
  • explore the content in the gallery.

You may also insert the username in the input line to view all his possible reels and pick out the necessary for you to get.

Live videos downloading

To keep Live videos on your iPhone, you may try the following methods:

  • to set up screen recording on the phone;
  • install Screen Recorder +.

To set up the iPhone screen recording:

  • switch to Settings – Control center – Screen recording;
  • then swipe from screen bottom to top and pick out circles to start the screen recording in 3 seconds;
  • during the seconds, switch to the Insta Live content and start it playing;
  • wait for the Live video has finished;
  • to stop the recording, swipe from screen bottom to top and pick out red circles. 
  • explore the video from the library.

To save with the app:

the tool is placed in the App Store. Its essence is the same as in the previous case, but you can change the settings before recording the screen and edit the video after it.

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