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Is the WordPress GPL license being misused In 2021? – Everything about GPL sites (themes & plugins)

GPL Licensing has played a great role in making WordPress what it is today. If it has been released under proprietary restrictions, it probably wouldn’t have come this far. Today, WordPress has developed a great deal thanks to the amazing community of developers who have helped make it one of the biggest content management systems in the world.

If you are not sure what GPL is then stuck with us. This guide would tell you what GPL actually is and what are some concerns regarding GPL.

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What is GPL License?

General Public License or GNU GPL or simply GPL in short, is a free software license that gives the user of the software the permission to use, share, study and enhance a software product. It is basically where the journey into hundreds of WordPress themes and plugins starts. Being GPL licensed, the WordPress Content Management system has allowed developers to keep GPL licenses on their WordPress Based websites where they can sell these Themes and Plugins for their users.

The end-users are free to download the source code i.e. the original file and make modifications the way they want to.

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When a software owner sells its work under GPL, what they are trying to do is to make their idea and implementation open source so that you can use it analyze it or even modify which seems a pretty reasonable and great thing to do.

But the problem starts when this license is being abused. Not by the creators of a creative work of course, but by the people who are selling the work of the original developer.

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Let’s take a moment and discuss some concerns regarding the GPL exploitation

General Concerns Regarding the Abuse of GPL license:

No doubt, GPL licensing has made software distribution much easier without nay hassles of Copyright issues. But recently, a unique trend has set in thanks to WordPress and WooCommerce stores that are basing their business on selling the work of other developers.

Of course, you can’t sue them or ask for lawsuits because the software products are GPL licensed so they have the right to resell the product. But the main concern here is

Is it Ethical?

Well, it is quite hard to draw a clear line as to whether the reselling of GPL licensed Software as a third party is ethical or not. There are countless arguments that support or go against this concept.

Here are the major concerns regarding the Reselling of GPL licensed themes and Plugins.

Is it Ethical to Sell another Person’s GPL licensed work on your Forum?

Can Third Part Sellers offer the Right tech support to their users as they did not develop the software?

Our customers not thinking about the anonymity of these Third Party Sellers?

How do users know the difference between the original creators and the resellers of software so that they can make their own decision as to where to buy the product?

These are indeed some think about. Now let’s come to the real question.

Are GPL licenses being abused by Third Party Sellers?

Considering how much GPL licensing has helped improve the quality of WordPress themes and plugins, we’d say it is not that big of a deal. You’ll find mixed arguments regarding this matter from the WordPress community. But even some original developers say that they don’t mind these resellers selling their work. They just focus on improving their own products and don’t feel like chasing after stores selling their GPL licensed products.

This is also because they know what they signed up for when releasing their software under GPL. So, the claim of resellers that they can sell this GPL licensed software is also legal. So, considering that the original developers are not so concerned about their software being to resell, we don’t think it falls under an abuse of GPL license.

And as we mentioned before, it is quite hard to draw the line as to what is ethical or unethical when it comes to reselling GPL licensed work. So, we’ll leave that inference to you.

Following is a list of the most prominent GPL Websites that sell WordPress and WooCommerce themes and plugins as a 3rd part seller

Websites Using GPL License:


Srmehranclub is one of the World’s largest marketplaces for WordPress and WooCommerce themes and plugins. All these products are GPL licensed and provided to the users with complete access. You can get all these themes and plugins starting from just $29 the first month and then $15 per month rates.

You get access to about 15500+ themse and GPL Plugins – Srmehranclub to choose from and you get access to all these products by becoming a member. There are different discount plans as well that you can check out. The themes and plugins are regularly updated and the best part is, you get professional tech support which is always available whenever you need it.

Benefits Overview:

The bottom line is, you won’t get such level of quality of service on any other SrMehran Club alternative to put things in perspective for the last time let’s briefly review why you should never look for a SrMehranClub alternative.

  • SrMehranclub is the Oldest Market Giant for WordPress themes and plugins
  • SrMehranclub has a Wide Range of Trusted and Verified Products
  • SrMehranclub offers new and older Version Support
  • SrMehranclub is Recommended
  • SrMehranclub has a User-Friendly Web Design
  • SrMehranclub has Active Customer Support(Phone support worldwide)
  • SrMehranclub is transparent
  • SrMehranclub has Automatic updates feature
  • SrMehranclub has Vulnerability Service
  • SrMehranclub Offers Toolkit Services- Customer can Manage All their websites from Our website / One Dashboard
  • Srmehranclub Offers Elementor templates kit plugins – You can import thousands of elementor pro templates and blocks (included templates of all addon plugins of elementor)

Srmehranclub is also providing phone support so you can easily contact them – Need Assistance? Call customer service at 24/7 – +1 (860) 947-4105(US) / +44 (203)239-3302(UK)

Join SrMehran Club right now and get access to over 15.5k WordPress and Woocommerce themes and plugins.

Srmehranclub also provides an automatic update, toolkit update, and srmehran templates kit (elementor pro templates)


Srmehranclub has Trustpilot/ 5star/ verified reviews:- SrMehran Club is rated “Excellent” with 4.8 / 5 on Trustpilot

If you looking Srmehranclub Alternative Then once read this article:-

Here you can check Officials Youtube channel – Srmehran Club

9 Alternative Srmehran Club

1. CMS Market

CMS Market is also one of the largest WordPress themes and Plugins forum. Although a lot less than Srmehranclub, CMS market offers a collection of about 3400+ themes and plugins that you can download on your website. CMS Market offers unrestricted domain use, Sometimes you receive quick tech support and sometimes you not & you will not receive regular updates and all of that with a fairly reasonable plan.

Although the themes and plugins collection offered by CMS is pretty great, it still doesn’t even come close to the variety offered by SrmehranClub. You can get pretty much any WordPress theme and plugin that you are looking for and that tool for just about $15 a month.

2. ThemeCanal

This third Party GPL product reselling websites starts off with a reasonable $5 starting fee. Then you pay about $15 a month for the products. But you don’t get access to ay updates and the tech support is also not so great. When you compare it with other GPL Websites, we’ve got to say you get a lot more options and variety with other websites.

SrmehranClub, unlike ThemeCanal, doesn’t require any starting fee. Simply become a member and get access to the biggest repository of WordPress and WooCommerce themes and plugins for just $15 a month.


3. GPL Vault

Although GPL vault is kind of new in GPL themes and Plugins business so it’d probably take some time for them to establish themselves. But still, they offer a pretty reasonable range of WordPress themes and plugins. The membership is also not that expensive. There are dozens of WordPress themes and plugins that you can choose from. All the themes are regularly updated. but sometimes you will not get an updated file, Gplvault does not provide good support even reply to your email on time!

GPL Vault doesn’t have much experience in the market. SrmehranClub is the oldest themes and plugins website with over 3 years of experience in the market. It is really a trustworthy source as claimed by their thousands of clients.


4. GPL Plugins

This GPL Plugins website is also pretty great. The membership of this GPL plugins site starts from $19 a month. For yearly membership, you have to pay $99. With these plans, you get access to many premium plugins from developers like WP All Import, WP Job Manager, Affiliate WP, Gravity Forms and Advanced Custom Fields Pro.

SrmehranClub membership fee is just $15 a month which is less than the above-mentioned source. Plus it offers a bigger collection of WordPress themes ad plugins so you should go fit SrmehranClub instead.


6. WP Spring

WP Spring is another pretty awesome WordPress and WooCommerce Plugins themes and extensions website where you get access to about 300 plus WordPress themes and Plugins. You get the themes to create stunning WordPress Websites and WooCommerce stores as well as tools to extend and enhance the functionality of your website. The membership starts from just $10 a month.

This GPL website is pretty great but again, it has very little Themes and Plugins collection as compared with SrmehranClub.

SrmehranClub offers access to more than 15500+ themes and plugins. Plus, the themes are regularly updated, and tech support is also pretty great.


5. GPL Guru

GPL Guru GPL Website gives you access to many themes and plugins from famous WordPress theme websites like WooTheme, WooCommerce, iTheme, etc. You get access to a lot of premium add-ons starting from just $5

This forum also offers membership discounts and regular updates for their products. The tech support is also pretty great. So, if you are looking for premium WordPress themes and plugins then we suggest checking out this Website.

SrmehranClub takes the win again here as you get a bigger variety of WordPress themes and Plugins. You can get the themes and plugins of all the major WordPress themes and plugins developers like ThemeForest, ElegantThemes and so many more.


7. GPL Zone

GPL Zone is also one of the biggest WordPress GPL themes and Plugins selling platforms that give you access to more than 2000 products. You get unlimited and unrestricted access to all these themes and plugins. Whether you want to create your own website or need plugins to enhance its performance, GPL Zone has all the themes and the plugins that you might need. this website doesn’t reply to your email at all. so we don’t recommend

The WordPress themes and Plugins repository of GPL club is quite big but it still is nowhere close to SrmehranClub. SrmehranClub offers access to more than 15500 WordPress themes and plugins for just $15 a month.


8. GPLDL – 100% FREE! 

With GPLDL membership, you get access to thousands of worth of WordPress themes and Plugins, all GPL licensed. This forum offers access to more than 1300 WordPress themes and plugins. You get access to Themes, Plugins, and Extensions of WordPress as well as WooCommerce stores. 

Gpldl doesn’t provide support even reply to your email..they sell nulled and crack versions and this is not a secure website, There are ways to identify viruses and malware but it doesn’t ensure 100 percent safety. The attacker can just change some functionality of the theme without raising any red flags. 

So use trusted sources only…so people who think that scanning these files total virus can’t make secure hope you understand what we are talking about so this is very important to join only trusted website ..before joining any GPL website must google and check reviews history that would be very helpful for understanding which company is good for you.

Most GPL Websites that sell WordPress Themes and plugins as a 3rd party doesn’t have very efficient tech support. SrmehranClub customer support is the best one that you can find out there. No matter what problem you have regarding the installation or the use of WordPress themes and plugins, SrmehranClub would help you figure out and resolve those issues.


9. Nobuna

Nobuna WordPress themes and Plugins Membership starts off at just $15. Nobuna Claims that all the products being made available are GPL licensed, safe and secure. There are no restrictions on the domain or anything else with Nobuna. You don’t have to wait for the updates as well. You get access to the updated versions without having to wait. There is also ne activation needed for using the themes and the plugins as they are all pre-registered.

The store design offered by SrmehranClub is much nicer and simpler. You can easily navigate to the product of your choice and download it after just a few clicks and srmehranclub has huge collections. 


Final Words:

A lots of people understand that scanning file on Totalvirus can give you perfect result and security but let me tell you my friend There are ways to identify virus and malware but it doesn’t ensure 100 percent safety. Attacker can just change some functionality of the theme without raising any red flags So use trusted source only before join any GPL sites must check history of that company and Reviews. 

Did you ask a question yourself that All GPL sites claim that we are providing 2500 products 50000 products and some GPL sites claim more than that like 150000+, Do you really believe that they purchased it from original sites and invested thousands of dollars for this? No one provides proof and license key so how you can clarify? 

this question comes to our mind, isn’t it? so I would say you can check the design of their website does it look professional or not?  and history like how long it has been running from? and their strategy how they are managing these tools and services and how professional they are …it is clear that if anyone can invest thousands or millions of dollars then it is clear that they will manage everything very professionally,  isn’t it? I do not think it would hard to understand if you are smart ..if not then God will save you. 

Bonus Tip: Do you want to check or identify any of the WordPress Website Theme Or plugins? The wp theme detector a perfect soluction to check any of the WordPress plugins or theme within seconds. Just enter website url and detect it’s theme and plugins for free.

Out of all these websites, we’d say Srmerhanclub (since 2016) is the biggest marketplace and trusted sites for GPL licensed themes and plugins. Their membership plans are reasonable, the products are updated regularly and their tech support is great friendly. 

It seems that this is a paid post because we have said a lot of good words about Srmehranclub and have told better than others but let me tell you my friend this is not sponsored post…I mentioned what I felt based on reviews and people’s reactions & after researched a lot on these GPL sites and I personally used some websites but still I would say don’t believe in my words just check yourself and understand what is the best GPL site according to you and if you want you can join. 

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