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How to Stop People From Adding You to Groups on Instagram?

by Yvone Kendi
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Instagram settings by default allow anyone on Instagram to add you to any group. I know that sounds terrifying. In any case, you can change this and gain some privacy on Instagram. You’re in luck if you have a professional Instagram profile. You can control who can add you to groups.

Here is a fix for that:

  • Go to your profile on Instagram.
  • In the top-right corner, tap the three-line menu icon.
  • In the menu, select “Settings.”
Tap "Settings."
  • On the Settings screen, select “Privacy.”
Tap "Privacy."
  • On the Privacy screen, select the “Messages” option.
Tap "Messages."
  • Under “Allow others to add you to groups,” select “Only people you follow.”
Tap "Only people you follow."
  • Only accounts you follow will be able to add you to chat groups from now on.

If you, like most people, have a personal Instagram account, there is currently no way to prevent someone from adding you to a group—even if your account is set to private.

Instead, you have three choices:

  • Turn off group request notifications.
  • Get out of the group.
  • Block the user who added you.

To turn off notifications for group requests:

  • navigate to your profile
  • In the upper-right corner, tap the menu icon.
  • Then navigate to Settings > Notifications > Direct Messages.
Tap "Direct Messages."
  • Tap “Off” under Group Requests.
Tap "Off" under Group Requests.
  • At the very least, you will no longer receive a push notification when someone adds you to a group.

To leave a group chat:

  • In the top-right corner of the chat, tap the” I “icon.
Tap the "i" button.
  • Under the list of chat members, select “Leave Chat.”
  • Then select “Leave.”
Tap "Leave Chat."

To block the account that is added:

  •  Under Members, tap the three small dots next to the account’s name.
Tap the "..." button to the right of a member.
  • To block that chat, tap “Block.”
Tap "Block."
  • This will prevent the spammer from adding you to the group again.

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