Popular series ‘The Killer Bride’ debuts on StarTimes


StarTimes subscribers are set to enjoy one of the most popular telenovela series ‘The Killer Bride’ on ST Novela E Plus channel every day from 09:40 pm. It is the very first time this most sought after Filipino series will be airing in Africa and Kenya in particular.

StarTimes Regional Marketing Director Mr Aldrine Nsubuga noted that the brand is keen to progressively acquire not just the latest but also popular general entertainment content key to attending to the whole family entertainment needs.

“We have set out the ST Novela E plus as the leading Telenovela channel where subscribers will continue to watch the most popular and latest series. We are keen to ensure the quantity and quality of international series shall not only be the latest but also popular. ‘The Killer Bride’ is expected to appeal to Telenovela lovers due to mystery and drama involved in every episode.” said Mr Nsubuga.

The series explores the events at Las Espadas, a place known for having the largest banana plantation run by two rival families – the Dela Torres and the Dela Cuestas. Around this superstitious area, an urban legend also exists where every night, the spirit of a woman wearing a blood-drenched wedding gown is said to wander the town.

Her name? Camila Dela Torre, the “Killer Bride”. Accused of murdering her fiancé’s sibling, she was put behind bars where she perished in a freak fire that engulfed the prison.

With her dying breath, she cursed everyone who wronged her and swore to seek retribution. Years later, on the eve of an eclipse believed to be a sinister omen of bad luck, the Dela Torre family throws a huge celebration to ward off misfortune.

Unexpectedly, a woman named Emma appears claiming she is none other than Camila Dela Torre. Both unnerved and astounded, the Dela Torres take her in as penance for the horrible event that occurred all those years ago. Does this spell the start of Camila’s promise of revenge?

Maja Salvador in action for another series, Wildflower and Bridges of Love, as Camilla dela Torre in The Killer Bride is dressed in a burning wedding dress that sends shivers. Telenovela lovers in Kenya can look out for this Filipino series, given the twist of tragedy and revenge. Maja had said this was even “wilder than the Wildflower,” given the premise that she would exact revenge as a wrathful spirit, after being killed in a prison fire.