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Malagasy’s Jirogasy is raising funding to launch its solar computer & expansion into East Africa


Jirogasy, Malagasy’s solar kits manufacture is raising funding to launch its solar computer and expand into East Africa in its growth phase after joining the Seedstar and Shell Foundation’s acceleration program.

Jirogasy which manufactures solar computer Jirodesk for e-health and e-education has been deploying its new generation solar computer Jirodesk II for a month now. Jirodesk II is a local innovation, the fruit of a team of 100% Malagasy engineers and aims to give access to digital educational tools to more than 10,000 children per year in schools in Madagascar and the rest of Africa.

The team, led by its founder Yann Kasay, delivers computers to schools and hospitals in Madagascar and reduces the digital divide and the energy shortage of these institutions. In the pilot phase of this project, seven schools will be equipped in 2021, and 20 others in 2022. Eventually, Jirodesk II should be made available to schools, hospitals, but also administrations and the general public, with an additional production site in Kenya, which will extend the reach of this technology.

In September 2020, Jirogasy was part of projects accepted into the Efficiency for Access Research and Development Fund, funded by the British government’s development agency UK Aid and the IKEA Foundation. The fund awarded more than €3.4 million to 20 organizations developing solar technologies for use in developing countries.

In March 2021, Jirogasy was accepted into the Jua Kickstarter Olympics of the Zimbabwean industrialist Adam Molai chosen among 700 candidate projects as one of the 6 finalists in the competition eligible for 1.7 million Euros of investment.

“We targeted companies that are scalable across the continent and actually address the challenges that are hobbling Africa’s development, and the selected enterprises all do that. After listening to the pitches and presentations during the Kickstarter Olympics, my faith and hope has more than been repaid. We have brilliant entrepreneurs on this continent,” said Adam Molai, Jua’s founder.

While the English-speaking giants were largely represented in the competition, Jirogasy is the only French-speaking startup to have reached the final phase.

The startup joins the Seedstars and Shell Foundation’ acceleration program, and officially launches its fundraising

In the immediate aftermath of the Jua Kickstarter competition, Jirogasy has just been accepted into the Investment Readiness Program of the Shell Foundation and the incubator Seedstars. This program takes place over 3 months with classes, mentoring, networking and an investor roadshow. Specifically dedicated to sustainable, replicable and innovative projects in energy, agriculture and mobility in Africa, this program will be able to support Jirogasy’s search for capital.