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Is Renting A Car In Dubai Worth It?

If you’ve ever looked at any kind of travel guide for Dubai, you’ve seen the car rental recommendation. But, with a fairly robust public transport system and the plethora of taxi services, is a car really necessary in Dubai? After all, it’s more expensive than other transport options, you have to worry about parking when visiting a place in Dubai, and you also have to drive by yourself. So, is renting a car worth it in Dubai?

The answer to this question is simply yes. If your budget allows for it, you should rent a car Dubai. The benefits of a car don’t just end at the ability to go anywhere. There are several other advantages to having a car at your disposal in a place like Dubai.

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Benefits of renting a car in Dubai:

One of the biggest benefits of renting a car in Dubai is the time you are going to save. Sure, you can use the on-demand taxi services, but that involves a lot of waiting around and losing time; time that you as a tourist should be spending enjoying the place, not waiting for your ride to arrive. The other alternative is the public bus system. The issue with that is haggling with the complicated route maps and timings. One missed stop, and you’ve lost a significant amount of your precious time.

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