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Tinder Partners With Lyft To Encourage Real Life Dating

Tinder may not be able to guarantee that chemistry on a dating app will translate into a real-life connection, but in a new partnership with Lyft this week, it’s easing those first-date jitters by giving users one less thing to worry about.

Throughout the pandemic, dating apps have been encouraging people to stay at home by rolling out features to make socially distant dating easier, including free virtual experiences, profile add-ons and digital date ideas.

But in a first since last March, some users are signaling that it may be time to get back out there and date in person.

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This week, Tinder announced that users will be able to order a car for their dates seamlessly through the app. The digital platform, has also introduced in-app safety features that allow daters to silently share their location with friends and family.

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Activity on dating apps like Tinder has remained strong throughout the pandemic as a much-needed source of human interaction. Swipe activity hit 3.4 billion on Jan. 3, which was one of the busiest days of the entire pandemic, according to Wyler.

A change in user activity also illustrates that people are more comfortable with real-life dating again. The term “go on a date” surged in bios this February, and Lyft’s ride volume has reached new heights since last March. According to Julia Parsons, head of partnership marketing at Lyft, a set of common values between the brands made this partnership an easy fit.

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