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Opibus launches to bring electric cars, motorcycles & public transport buses on Kenyan roads

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Opibus, a Swedish electric marker for emerging markets has launched in Kenya then expand across sub-Saharan Africa in a ove that will see the firm convert used vehicle imports into electric conversions. Opibus plans on switching expended combustion engines to electric systems as well as leveraging the existing chassis to create pocket-friendly motorbikes, buses, trucks among others.

Launched in 2017, Opibus aims to bring electric mobility in Kenya, East Africa biggest economy by converting diesel and petrol combustion engines into eletcric trucks, public transport as well as electric motorcycles. This is possible because most of the vehicles are some the highest CO2 emitting vehicles in the market .Opibus have several years of expertise and their focus has been to deliver quality products even at the most competitive prices. There has been development of in house technology which fits in validated and components that are cost effective.

A power train that is electric enabled.                                    

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Modularization is one of the key components that Opibus works with. This enhances the separation of powertrains and designs into modules that are standardized and validated individually keeping away from need to redesign always. This enables ranging from making EMI proof HV relay boxes to a suite of control units to be used across numerous vehicle sizes.

The viewpoint is to create a wider range and avoiding having to focus on a singular model. Comparison can be done to OEM’s development of electric vehicles based on podiums where a chassis is set up on the podium.

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High level of design of the vehicle is done based on performance and specifications. This is enabled by simulations and calculations. The mechanical redesign to place modules inside the vehicle follows. Quality and pricing also is considered during the set up.

Motorcycle that is electric enabled.

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‍Opibus aims at creating a pocket friendly and cost effective motorcycle which will allow local production as well as local assembly. Opibus provides swappable battery packs which you can turnaround even when in use. Charging of the batteries can be anywhere and anytime since there is providence of a hybrid charging strategy.

Solutions for Energy

The best customer service solution for customer needs is enabled by the high quality lithium-ion battery technology with a modular installation. This also saves time, electricity cost and lowers investment return.

Off the grid charging or grid support is enabled by the system as well as stabilizing grid power and securing independence during power cuts. Lower leveled electricity costs are enhanced as shortening payoff times for investments are also set up.

Opibus offers the best answer for problems as well as providing lowest prices for an end to end system simultaneously .Opibus offers clean and low priced electricity.

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Weddy Thuranira
Weddy Thuranira
Weddy profiles new startups and innovators across Africa and announces funding rounds, mergers, acquisitions and startup partnerships across Africa. She is based in Nairobi, Kenya. Reach her and the entire news desk at [email protected]

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