Home Startups Flextock an Egypt based platform enables stocking and shipping services

Flextock an Egypt based platform enables stocking and shipping services


Flextock is a platform that offers stocking and shipping services.We ensure that it is a safe and laid back procedure .Before sending your shipment to you we store it in our warehouses.There is a reliable storage for your items  as there is enough space.There are wide networks of storage facilities owned by Flextock in Egypt.Depending on your terms,we offer short and long term storage options.This can be a month or even an extension of upto to 2 years.

How Flextock works.

  • Inventory storage.Once your inventory arrives,we collect it and store it in a secure places.These are our fulfilment centers.
  • Order processing.When we receive your order request,          we pick it for you and pack it.We go ahead to prepare a shipping order.
  • Shipping your order. Selection of the best shipping offers is done by us optimizing your cost .There is a guarantee that your shipment will be delivered on time.

Our focus is to offer the best services to our clients.During the first mile,we  pick your product.In the fastest  and the most affordable way possible. We help you get your product to our warehouses.There is enough space and a reliable security as well.On your last mile,we offer the best rates for the quickest delivery of your orders.It is such a hustle free experience for our customers as we handle the cash collection.Accurate transfers are done for you as well.Global shipping is our area of focus .Wherever you might be in the world,we will ensure that your shippments are delivered to you.