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Everything you should know about digital prototyping

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The definition of the prototype says that this is an early trial, a model that is an experiment. This, also the first opportunity to show users your concept, however, already slightly outlining it, visualizing. Prototypes come in many different forms, so we have a wide range of possibilities to present it to customers. Prototyping itself is the process by which we create the appearance and preservation of the conceptual characteristics of our innovative product. We may also include certain features there for testing or production purposes. Digital prototyping is a key concept coming out of Lean Startup, which comes at an early stage of the process and helps create a solid foundation for the final product.

Why are prototypes of a digital product created?

The answer should be very simple and basically logical: to test the product. In fact, there is much more to it. You can prototype a product that is just about to be created, as well as new elements of an existing product, and we do this mainly to find out whether, for example, the website or application we create will be affordable for the customer. During digital  prototyping, we also prepare content (descriptions, headlines, promotional slogans, messages). In fact, a prototype is often a front, an interactive visualization, or a clickable product trailer. Its existence allows you to verify the current appearance and style and the main business concept. The upside is that there is no engineering behind prototyping. It’s just a way to verify an idea, test its potential meaning, or effectiveness.

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What to look for and what should we not worry about when prototyping?

The process does not have to be above all neat and fast, but when testing the concept, it is necessary to prove whether people will buy our product or not. What matters is testing the idea, not the actual form of the digital prototype.

Whatever format you choose for your prototype, it must be easily understood by your audience. However, keep a certain realism of the product, even though it is at an early stage of creation.

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You don’t really need detailed feedback and suggestions at first, but you want a reaction from customers watching your product. In order to create emotions for the audience, we need to make sure that the prototype looks as realistic as possible, but without too much time and resources to produce it.

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