Thursday, June 30, 2022
Thursday, June 30, 2022
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Kenyan Government May Soon Be Deploying Drones To Catch COVID-19 Lockdown Violaters

by Vanessa Waithera
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Kenyan government may soon be deploying drones to catch COVID-19 lock down violators.

When President Uhuru Kenyatta decided to lock down the country a number of Kenyans complained and argued that the new laws would not curb COVID. Cessation of movement was blocked for people in 5 counties such as (Nairobi, Kajiado, Kiambu, Machakos and Nakuru).

A lot of people were caught off guard and though people were given two days to go back to their rightful places it still didn’t change the fact that people will always learn how to beat the system.

According to the Nation, people have still been sneaking in and out of the closed regions.

In Kenya every time a new rule or law comes up it’s usually an avenue for corruption, what this means is that the number of Kenyans who have bribed their way out of Nairobi and other areas has risen. It is understandable that the majority of Kenyans may have a good reason why they must travel out of either of the 5 counties but so people have been creative.

Some have been using motorbikes (boda boda’s) and even using roads that the cops are less likely to be on just to get out of the so called red zones.

How will the drones come in handy?

The plan is to get high-resolution cameras that will be deployed in areas of interest which will then be used to capture any illegal activities which may lead to the arrest of corrupt police officers and citizens.

They will also be able to fly up to a distance of 5km while performing aerial policing.

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