Home Startups Uamuzi Technologies connects the leaders in Kenya with the citizens in one platform.

Uamuzi Technologies connects the leaders in Kenya with the citizens in one platform.

by Weddy Thuranira
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Uamuzi tech was designed to find an interaction platform for citizens and leaders. By use of technology based solutions this has been enhanced. Kenyan Citizens have a platform where they can connect with their representatives in local administrations in the Uamuzi app.

In June 2016, Elvis Sitati and Daniel Nyangarasi developed the Uamuzi app to link the leaders to voters who have elected them. They are the people who have made the leaders to be there and so their voices’ being heard is important.

Uamuzi is a word in Swahili that translates to Decision in English. There are two apps created by Uamuzi. There is the Uamuzi app for the citizens and Uamuzi app leader for the leaders. The Uamuzi app for leaders is for both incumbents and aspirants. Subscription fee is charged for leaders who sign up for the platform. Verification is done for the leaders to avoid misinformation to the citizens. However; citizens do not pay any fee to sign up.

We provide a mobile based social media application and Short Message Service (SMS) which enables all this. A virtual space to create a relationship between the decision makers and citizens is provided .In this platform citizens can discuss problems and solutions that can solve this.

The role of citizens at the center of public activities has been considered by Uamuzi app. They have been involved  in that they can define public life at the local level. We ensure that the citizens who use our platform participate actively. There is a Tubonge feature which engages citizens from numerous levels of governance. It can be in the Ward, Constituency and County level. Tubonge is a slang that means Let’s Talk. Opinions from the marginalized people are taken into account here.

Among the benefits of using our platform is that we use modern technology, crowd sourcing and uniqueness. With us technology is maximized in that citizens in all levels are reached. Crowd sourcing is embraced in that the National and County governments get ideas and feedbacks. This information mostly comes from its constituents who experience the challenges and have suggested solutions. Uniqueness in Uamuzi app is that you can simply interact with leaders and citizens at every level of governance.

Uniqueness is that this app has been created by Kenyans for Kenyans. Africans can make better, interactive solutions that enhance growth for the whole continent at large.

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