Market360 based in Kenya enables consumer brands find new businesses.


Market360 is a Kenyan startup designed to enable consumer brands to optimize the way in which they supply essential goods and services to its dealers and clients. This is through bridging the information gap in last mile distribution. In addition to this we also maximize the efficiency across the sales and distribution value chain.

The startup was founded in 2018 by Tesh Mbaabu and Mesongo Sibuti.This platform controls mobile devices which the field agents use. In this way they can record all customer interactions as they happen in the field. We then aggregate this data acquired and present it through live web dashboards.

Customers who need to use our platform do not have to sign a contract annually. Majority of our clients start with a 3-6 month pilot program. During this period they can test our effectiveness. When our services satisfy them, they can go on and agree to a longer term with us.

Our aim is to identify businesses when they are new in the market. Verification for each record does not occur in our platform. This is because at the moment time is sensitive for a new business. Most of the business registrations require the business owner to provide information and a fee payment as well. Accuracy for most businesses at that moment is an issue.

Identification of a business varies. For the types of businesses not identified by the government sources, artificial intelligence algorithms are used. These algorithms identify the business using words or strings of words in the business name. An SIC code will be included in the records found when looking for the business type.

Among the many benefits of working with us is that we offer the freshest data available. Data is gathered directly from the government and other legally compliant public record sources.

Work with us and we will assist you in finding new customers.