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How long can a cheap laptop handle your hardcore games?

Laptops and play stations are the first priority of a gamer. If you have a budget you can buy the latest play station and get going. But if the budget does not allow you to have such fun you might end up buying a laptop for games. There is again a budget problem here. Rather you buy a best gaming laptop under 300 or other cheap one.  In this article we will discuss how much long a cheap laptop can support your hardcore games, or how many years are peaceful with a chap laptop?

How much does a cheap laptop last?

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It is seen that a good laptop will take around 3-6 years to last, while a cheap gaming laptop gets done within the bracket of 2-4 years. After that time you will start feeling that your hardware is making problems or you will feel that your laptop cannot cope with the specs of the latest games. Only if you use it with a little care and a lot of intelligence. If you do, you might stretch it up to a good 10 years. It all depends on the use and maintenance of the laptop.

Ways to prolong its life 

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There are some ways that are sure to prolong the life of your gaming laptop:

  • Regular maintenance

Since the use is rough, you should be maintaining the laptop regularly. Maintenance includes deleting extra files, installing an antivirus, ensure that the windows are updated. Make sure that the drivers are updated. You should conduct routine cleanups in the device to make sure that it is not stuffing useless files. If the laptop is not in use shut down the laptop.

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  • Battery charging habits

Avoid draining the battery. The gaming laptops take more energy and have a shorter battery span, so make sure that you play while it is plugged in or it does not reach the ending point. If you stretch it to the last cell, the battery life will shorten.

  • Cooling system

You need to have good cooling system for the laptop, since it gets heated by the gameplay. You can buy a laptop cooling pad or platform which can be placed under the laptop to calm down its nerves and prolong the life.

  • Ventilate

Ventilation is the most important part of the device. Make sure that your device does not get heated up too much. This is because the laptop is running at its full capacity while gaming. The laptop gets heated with the processor and the graphic card. In order to prolong your laptop’s life use it in a cool place or an open place.

  • Keep the ports clean

Keep the ports clean with canned air. Make sure that the laptop does not collects dirt in its wires, that is an obvious reason for its dysfunction.

  • Handle with care

You should place it on a safe place while playing. You should buy a laptop bag for it. The laptop bags are cushioned and make sure that the laptop does not get damage in any circumstances. If you are not covering your laptop, it might get scratch on the screen or on the body which could be a problem.

Best cheap gaming laptops

You can find some cheap gaming laptops which are ranged under $400, on :

  • ACER Aspire 5

ACER Aspire 5 is the best choice under $400. It can fit the gaming needs as well as the computer needs. So, you can use it for studies and gaming as well. It has quality display and sound, it has a faster SSD storage and Alexa. The drawback are that it is low in storage and the windows run in the S mode. But to crack a deal under $400, it is the best pick.

  • ASUS VivoBook 15

ASUS VivoBook 15 is the best choice for gaming laptops under $400. It is best for gaming but the price range comes with some drawbacks too. The laptop has a wider screen and faster processor. The keyboard gives you a great typing experience. Buty on the other hand the drawbacks include, a poor color contrast and sound effects.

  • ASUS VivoBook (F510QA)

Asus VivoBook is the cheap gaming laptop that can give you a gaming experience in less than $400. It is a lightweight laptop with better visuals than the ASUS VivoBook 15. It contains RAM that can be upgraded, thus giving more space for modification and maintenance. But the drawback lies in the Wifi connection. The laptop has the issue of dropping the Wifi connections due to manufacturing fault. Another way for you to manage your gaming time better is to play one game at a time like F95zone.

  • Lenovo Ideapad S145

The laptop has a wider screen, variety of ports, and wide keyboard area. The laptop lacks when it comes to a good resolution, the laptop has a poor resolution. Plus it has no touch screen which adds up to its drawbacks. The laptop has more storage which is enough for the windows and a few files. The laptop being wider is a bit heavier and has no optical drive.

  • HP Premium i5

This is a complete package for a cheap gaming laptop, including a better processor, more ports, and enough storage. The only drawback is that it has a small screen size which does not support heavier gaming. The battery life is not long but the laptop is a lightweight device, making it easily portable.


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