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Who Is P7G? The Company And Their History

by Dennis Mathu
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We would like to take you back to the first Lockdown period, where people were stuck in their homes with nowhere to go and nothing to do except for work. If we are to ask you what did you do during these days, filled with boredom? Then your answer would be either work, or taking the help of social media platforms, and other sources of entertainment. One of the highest sources of entertainment during these tough times has been that of Gaming Platforms. Since not everyone works all the time, many individuals were seen passing their time by playing Virtual Games. As we all know, the world has given us a platter of games to choose from with different genres and virtual displays and in this article, we are going to look into one such gaming platform. 

You might have played a lot of money-related games in these times to earn an extra buck for yourselves right? How is this related? Well, the platform that we are going to talk about is P7G, which is one of the platforms that offer such games. If you are someone who has played these games and thoroughly enjoyed playing them while earning from them, we hope that you feel better knowing about Who Exactly Is P7G? The Company Itself And How They Turned Out To Be? This article contains everything about the Mobile Gaming App and the company that has blessed you with their many enjoyable games.

Pocket7Games: The History Of The Company

Last year in 2020 there was a New Mobile Gaming Company, which was formed according to a unique business model. Unlike any other platforms, they offered reward games that give out real money to their winning players and offered free gaming access without any payment option to access these cash-winning games. Who were these people? 

It was no other than the company of Pocket7Games, owned by AviaGames Inc that is headquartered in Mountain View, California. The company is very small, with only 10 employees listed in their business profiles along with only two Founding Members with one of them sitting on the Company’s Board. According to the company reviews, there are two other Investors, both from the Capital Venture Firms holding a minority in the company. AviaGames retained the majority of its companies holding to ensure their reward games continue to pay real cash prizes to their dedicated players. They were helped by a generous amount of $8 Million to fund the company by the Makers Fund and Galaxy Digital with which they launched the application in May of 2020. Now, the question here is why would the capitalists choose Pocket7Games as an investment? Well, the answer to that comes down to the company’s good reputation of offering high-quality products and great ideas

Pocket7Games And Their High-quality Gaming Experience

AviaGames is well-known for its stronghold in the Online Gaming Industry. The company might be small but they have a reputation for producing some of the biggest creative ideas, an example of which is the reward games on the P7G Mobile App. These games include your basic Solitaire For Money to a more fast-paced game such as Bubble Crush, where you don’t need to worry about any annoying glitches that can ruin your chances of winning free cash prizes. The company’s main focus is based on American Markets but there is a high chance that you would be attracted to their various entertaining games that also offer events and tournaments, where anyone can win rewards and gain high amounts of profits. The goal of the Company is to create a high-quality platform for casual gaming, where people around the globe can have fun while earning money for themselves, making it one of the reasons for their popularity. As the Company’s first anniversary is coming up this year, everyone is excited to see What’s next for the platform and its parent gaming company? To find that out, you will need to be a part of their Global Gaming Family. So go on, join today! 


Games are one of the most sought-after brands these days, and Gaming Applications such as P7G allow us to learn something new through their various Games along with gaining profits from an entertaining source. We hope that you learned something new today from this article and that the next time you play a Pocket7Game, you are reminded of the company and its amazing history. Till then keep playing, keep learning, and stay safe! 

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