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Best RAM for Ryzen Series

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The long and interesting line-up of the new and mighty Ryzen processors is absolutely the best contemporary choice. The incredible Zen core architecture; a brilliant choice to make against what the competitors are offerings, the same core clock, and speed as the best of the best, fiercely competitive, and above all at much better and reasonable prices, and nothing beats such an excellent value for the bucks you are paying. 

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The Ryzen series is certainly the talk of the town, but it takes much more than just a worthy CPU to make it a bang for the buck, a perfect build that gets the job done. Getting the right components is the key to unleashing the true potential of your processor, and RAM, more commonly known as memory sticks, is one of the most crucial components to get right. The following be considered while picking ram for ryzen series.

Things to Consider

Knowing the RAM is important is not all the information you need to make the right choice, but enough to consider all the factors that come in handy in reaching the right conclusion. Ryzen series offers the latest next-gen technology, and you sure need to keep up with that by picking the right RAM, and we are here to make that decision easier for you. Here are the significant things to know about while choosing the right RAM for the Ryzen series:

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Memory Type

This is certainly the important factor to start with. The right memory type is crucial to improved performance and a perfectly synchronous built. There are only a few memory types, differentiated by generation, which then, in turn, stands for their data transfer rate. The more modern the generation, the higher the data transfer rate range, it goes up the ladder. The first two generations are already ancient technology, but Ryzen being the latest next-gen series, the DDR3 is also long gone, which leaves only DDR4 and DDR5. 

The optimal choice in almost every case is the DDR4. It is affordable and, at a maximum stock clock speed of 2400Mhz, all that any Ryzen processor needs to perform perfectly. Although there is a huge number of manufacturers making factory overclocked DDR4 that can go above and beyond, and in most cases, somewhere between 3200Mhz and 3400Mhz is the sweet spot. The DDR5 has only been introduced recently, and it is certainly overkilled for most of the Ryzen processors, which is why AMD is keeping it for the upcoming Zen4. Once you’ve got a Zen4, then the DDR5 will surely be the best RAM money can buy if you can afford it.

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Memory Size

The second most crucial and certainly the most often the talk of the PC forum debates is the right memory size. The Ryzen series being the latest next-gen gaming processor, requires to be paired with an amount of RAM that would be adequate for all the current games. If you are on an entry-level, the earlier generation, Ryzen processor, and your whole set-up are based on a budget, and you are not yet ready for the next-gen gaming, then 8GB is more than adequate. But if that’s not the case, and we urge that it should not be, the most common and agreeable RAM amount for the current gaming, perfectly adequate, is 16GB. 

Looking at how fast the gaming industry is progressing and how games and other software are demanding more and more memory as we proceed; the safest and the future proof amount of RAM in all cases would be 32GB – most of the gaming enthusiasts consider anything less than 32GB to be the best and the safest choice because its future proof for easily a few more years and the price difference between 16GB and 32GB isn’t that big. However, the further up you go, the better, but space after 32GB is only inhabited by hardcore enthusiasts that just want every bit of juice, and with Ryzen, you can support up to a massive 128GB of RAM. All in all, remember that RAM is the easiest component to upgrade, so don’t rush the decision, make an adequate choice, preferably 16GB, and spend the budget on other components to get a balanced build and upgrade the RAM later when you can.

Ram Speed

We have already discussed speeds in the generations part, but its detailed impact is crucial to a better-performing PC. Since the Ryzen series are only compatible with the fourth generation, which has a maximum stock clock speed of 2400Mhz, and with factory-overclocked RAMs, it can go all the way up to an unbelievable 4400MHz. But what’s the sweet spot, and how much impact does it have is something to understand here. Usually, its more between the size of RAM and the speed of RAM; meaning a faster factory overclocked 8GB vs. a stock 16GB RAM, or say an overclocked 16GB vs. a stock 16GB, and in both cases, the latter is better, but in the fast case the difference between the former and the latter is huge, but in the second it is almost (considering the price difference) insignificant unless in a special case.

The special case does apply in the Ryzen series because most of the Ryzen processors are multi-thread, and a faster RAM makes the processing twice as much faster in this case and brings about a significant impact. Another case would be of an integrated GPU since the Ryzen series is offering excellent integrated GPUs. A faster RAM would support faster visual processing, bring about another significant speed impact. 


Now, this is the part that might apply to some and not to others, but it is extremely crucial. Keeping all things in mind, i.e., that Ryzen processors are budget-friendly, and RAM can easily be upgraded later on, you need to make more of a budget-friendly choice in the start, to allocate more of your finances to other crucial components like GPU and PSU, etc., whose upgrades are not done so often. So, in this case, an affordable RAM choice would be an excellent decision. A 16GB RAM that can give out a decent 2400MHz, or even better if it hits the sweet spot of 3200MHz or 3400Mhz, would be perfectly adequate in all aspects. If your hands are not tied by a budget, and you can easily spend a good amount on RAM, then you should follow all the given factors to consider and build yourself an ultimate gaming rig.


These four factors are more than enough and crucial in helping you make the right choice in RAM. The Ryzen processors are incredibly good, and pairing them up with an adequately fast and a good amount of RAM will really juice out its complete potential and help you achieve excellent processing power. There are regular everyday applications that demand quite a lot of RAM, so you should also keep those in mind while making the final choice for gaming or non-gaming set-up.

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