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Best Shopify apps to increase the functionality of your Shopify store

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Shopify is the leading ecommerce building platform and the factors that lead to its success are many. Shopify provides easy usage, a strong base with lots and lots of features available to have a website build on it. It is straightforward to use and manage the Shopify store. Shopify holds over 1 million online businesses across the world and numerous merchants are now shifting their store from other platforms to Shopify just to benefit from the best features that Shopify provides which would increase the functionality and the sale of the ecommerce website. 

The app store of Shopify is really extensive with hundreds of apps available for various purposes to give a boost to the functioning of it so as to help in the growth of the business. The apps are a mix of free and paid; there are a lot of free and good apps available which provides an edge to Shopify to easily integrate the best without much hassle. In digital marketing, running an online business is not that easy and one needs to look into a lot of factors which are social media marketing, checkout security, inventory management, analytics, speed optimization and so much more, and for all of these apps are available to accelerate better working of each of them. The strong apps of Shopify help greatly in monetizing the online store. 

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Best Shopify apps to try for your website

Plug in SEO

For a website to have higher visibility in the SERP, SEO is very crucial to look after and the website should be properly optimized. Plug in SEO is an app which makes it very convenient to look after all the SEO aspects of the website and it sends alerts in email for the SEO problems that arise in the website such as website speed, broken links, keywords, duplicate content, missing alt tags and broken images etc. In this way it reduces the individual work of checking all the pages, saves time and effort and improves the SEO so that there would be more organic traffic on your website. 

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Shopify makes it very much convenient to start selling with the Shopify store right from out of the box. You want to start selling and get into your online business without any delay? You don’t have to worry about not having the products with you, as to sell online you don’t need an actual product but a smart service which will make things easier for you. Oberlo is an excellent Shopify app for dropshipping service which means you can now send orders of the customers directly to them from the supplier. It also provides easy tracking of all the orders. 

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Kit is a great app for social media marketing, it is very much useful for creating successful campaigns in social media. It has an AI which detects the target traffic according to the kind of online business you have and lets the ads reach successfully to the target audience. For online business it has now become very much important to run campaigns in Facebook and Instagram as the platforms hold a huge number of audiences worldwide and it is a huge exposure to run ads in social media platforms and drive organic traffic to the website. 


Abandoned carts have become a major issue over the years and it causes online businesses loss. Abandoned cart means customers would leave the cart after adding the product to the cart without completing the payment process. There are various factors which lead to cart abandonment and it affects the inventory and loss in the sales. By using PushOwl it drives customers to complete their order by sending them campaigns and reminders for abandoned carts and thus helping in abandoned cart recovery. 

There are a number of such great apps which would accelerate the performance of your website but one needs a competent Shopify developer to have these apps rightly integrated in the website. To hire the best Shopify developer, one may contact Justgoweb digital, the recognized Shopify development company based in Delhi. 

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