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Google Meet is getting a makeover: New interface, better quality, & video wallpaper.

Google Meet is getting a makeover. While the videoconferencing application recently extended its free period until June, new features are now offered by the Mountain View firm. Google hopes to catch up with its main competitors, including ZOOM.

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Google releases third Android 12 developer preview

More space and pinning functionality

Google Meet has improved its UX. The Mountain View firm will offer more space to view content next month, as well as a spinning tool. You will thus be able to personalize your content by setting one or more feeds. One way to highlight a presentation and a speaker, for example, or more than one speaker at a time. Of course, the names of all participants will remain visible on the screen.

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Image Credit:Google

To respond to users complaining of eyestrain and loss of concentration caused by seeing themselves on the screen. Google Meet will also next month offer the ability to reposition, resize, or hide its video stream. A feature already offered by ZOOM in particular.

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How to Use Google Assistant to Locate Your Android or iPhone

An energy-saving mode and other AI-powered innovations

To alleviate energy consumption. Google will gradually add a new “saver mode,” which will limit the use of mobile data. This feature is intended for users with a limited Internet package and can be activated very simply from the application settings by clicking on “Limit data consumption, “as Google explains on a support page.

Google is also relying on artificial intelligence to improve its video conferencing software. Meet’s low-light mode is extended from mobile to the web. Here, artificial intelligence makes it possible to automatically adjust the video to make you more visible if you are in a dark environment.

Another novelty brought by the AI, the Autozoom, will allow you to reframe yourself during your calls automatically.

The Mountain View firm also announces the appearance, in the coming weeks, of three new backgrounds: a classroom, a party, and a forest. A fun little touch that could appeal to children as well as adults in a meeting!

With this new set of features, Google hopes to counter the rise of ZOOM; Remember that the latter saw its income increase by 326% last year.

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