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Jetstream is enabling businesses in Ghana and Nigeria carry out Cross Border Trade Logistics.

Jetstream enables businesses to efficiently and affordably export goods across borders and access trade financing in Nigeria and Ghana. The aim is to give businesses in emerging markets more control over their global supply chain. With use of technology and partnerships with skilled agents, Jetstream is able to save time and provide visibility.

Founders Miishe Addy, Raquel Wilson and Solomon Torgbor founded Jetstream in 2018.The Co-founder Miishe Addy, was born in America and brought up in Texas. Miishe earned a philosophy degree from Havard. With a Ghanaian heritage, Miishe always felt an urge to do something more innovative and impactful. In 2017, Miishe moved to Ghana where she acquired an opportunity that presented itself in an unexpected way. Addy followed her intuition and moved head first into the male dominated shipping logistics industry. She launched   Jetstream in a country where women-run businesses are not only common but as well celebrated.

Documents required for shipment of goods via Jetstream include: a commercial invoice and a packing list for all shipments .For Ghanaian exports, Ghana banking details are required. In order to make Nigerian imports, one is required to have a Form M and a NAFDAC import permit. Clients who need product specific documents are asked to have with them a Material Safety Data Sheet, Certificate of Conformity/Analysis, Dangerous Goods Certificate and other documents which may be required.

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The duration of a shipment varies with the shipment process. Air freight usually arrives in 2 to 7 working days. On the other hand, sea fright transit times usually range from 20 to 60 working days. The Estimated Times of Arrival are adjusted depending on the route, time of the year and customs processes.

Jetstream does the pricing of a shipment in consideration to: the freight cost, port and warehouse handling charges, customs clearance expenses, documentation expenses and delivery/pick up costs that is upon request. For sea freight, costs are charged per container or per cubic meter. In an instance of air freight, costs are charged at the actual kilogram weight of the shipment or its volumetric weight depending on whichever is great. A 24/7 pricing is offered for shipments on Jetstream’s most popular routes. For custom routes and high volume shipments, Jetstream offers custom pricing by the next business day. Duty estimates are never guaranteed, but Jetstream uses existing data and specific information on the client’s consignment to provide a close approximation.

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Weddy Thuranira
Weddy Thuranira
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