How to Purchase Faiba 4G Bundles with Mpesa, Pesa Link, and Equitel 2021.


To purchase Faiba bundles, one must first locate a phone that is Faiba compatible. The steps below show how to purchase Faiba bundles via Mpesa, Pesa Link, and Equity Bank using your Faiba playbill number.

Follow these steps to top up your Mpesa account.

  • Choose Lipa na M-PESA.
  • Select Pay Bill and enter the Business No. as 776611 and the Account No. as Faiba No., i.e., 0747 XXX XXX.
  • Enter the Amount here.
  • Enter your PIN and press the Send button.

If you’re using Pesa Link to top up, follow these steps.

  • Navigate to your Online Banking Menu.
  • Choose Pesalink (For those with Equity select send to other banks)
  • Select Send to Phone Number under Pesalink and enter 0747 77 66 11.
  • This will be recognized by Pesalink as an NCBA Bank Jamii Telecommunications account.
  • Enter the amount to be paid.
  • Under payment reason, enter your JTL Mobile Number 0747 XX XX XX or your fixed account account number. XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX
  • Finish the transaction
  • You will be given air time. Top-up or receipt for your recurring payment
  • In addition, Pesalink will send you an SMS with a PDF link to your receipt.

To top up your Equitel account, follow these steps.

  • Choose My Cash
  • Select Send/Pay.
  • Select Account, then Paybill.
  • Decide on Enter 776611 as the company number.
  • Enter Account No as Faiba No, i.e. 0747 XXX XXX Enter Amount Confirm and Enter PIN

Follow these steps to top up your equity bank.

  • Choose Eazzy Pay.
  • Choose Paybill.
  • Enter 776611 as the business number.
  • Enter the account number as the Faiba number, i.e., 0747 XXX XXX.
  • Enter the Amount, Confirm the Amount, and Enter the PIN.

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