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Apple Reveal new audio subscription of high quality: The Apple Music HiFi.

In the coming weeks. Apple is expected to make some changes in its streaming platform the Apple Music. High definition sound quality is quickly becoming a breakthrough for influential music streaming services to attract more clients.

All streaming platforms are using high-fidelity sound quality.

Streaming platforms such as Deezer, Tidal, and Qobuz have provided high-quality sound with at least a high-resolution sound and CD quality for several years. In addition, Spotify, the known music streaming platform, also plans to release Spotify HiFi by providing high-quality music by the end of the year.

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This means that all eyes are on Apple music since it is the only music streaming platform left behind operating at AAC 256 kbit / s codec. This choice of the sound codec, as much as it functions very well with those on an unstable internet connection. Still can not much what its competitors offer.

Apple could offer an offer without price increase but reserved for the most advanced AirPods

This might not be the case as expected. 

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The site Hits Daily Double suggests that in the coming weeks’ Apple will bring us high-fidelity music offers. Furthermore, Airpods 3(third generation of AirPods) might be available before the year ends.

Unlike its little streaming competitors, the Californian manufacturer could provide high-quality sound(Apple music HiFi) without charging its current subscribers. This is an excellent strategy of maintaining its existing customers and attracting more subscribers to its platform.

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More good news for us. in addition, the iOS 14.6 is also to be delivered simultaneously. Even though iOS 14.6 is still on the beta version. Apple could still decide to switch between standard quality and high resolution depending on the quality of the user’s connection and his audio equipment.

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